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Mark Hamill questions Luke Skywalker lightsaber auction

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Mark Hamill Dave J Hogan/
Star Wars actor Mark Hamill says there was not one original lightsaber, but many

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has questioned the sale of a lightsaber billed as his character’s “original” at a Hollywood auction.

Profiles in History’s Blockbuster Hollywood Treasures auction will be held in Los Angeles later in December.

Their website lists one of the lots as “The original Mark Hamill ‘Luke Skywalker’ lightsaber”, estimated to sell for up to $200,000 (£157,000).

But on Twitter, Mr Hamill explained it may not be a one-off.

“Be Advised,” the actor wrote, “There was no ONE lightsaber I used in the films, but many, MANY, both for myself & my stunt-double”. He ended the tweet with the hashtag, #BuyerBeware.

The BBC has reached out to the auction house for comment.

A press release issued by Profiles in History listed a number of pieces of Star Wars memorabilia up for sale.

Aside from the lightsaber – a type of weapon used in the film series – a pair of hands belonging to robot character C-3PO and a pilot helmet signed by cast members are also up for sale.

Profiles in History Auctions/Reuters
The lightsaber, a type of weapon used in the Star Wars films, is estimated to sell for up to $200,000 (£157,000).

Memorabilia from other films will also be sold at the auction, including lots from the Indiana Jones, James Bond, Star Trek, Back to the Future and Terminator franchises.

The sale is scheduled to take place from 11-13 December at the Paley Centre in Beverly Hills.

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