Mon. May 27th, 2019

LeBron James: Former NBA star makes Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard to Lakers claim

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That’s the view of former NBA star Richard Jefferson, who believes James’ performances will decline sooner rather than later.

James moved to the Lakers in the summer with the four-time MVP opting out of the final year of his contract with Cleveland Cavaliers.

After a slow start in LA, James has found his feet with the Lakers beginning to find the winning touch.

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant this week predicted that his former side ‘will be champions before you know it’.

But Jefferson believes they need another star player to do that.

New Orleans Pelicans star Davis and Leonard of the Toronto Raptors have both been linked with moves to the Lakers and the lure of playing alongside LeBron James could prove too much.

Though Jefferson adds that there are no guarantees.

“They 100 per cent need to add that second piece,” Jefferson said.

“As good as LeBron is, there’s going to be a decline.

“Right now, he’s still averaging great numbers and compliments to Luke Walton for being able to keep his minutes down.

“He had 28 points in 31 minutes in a win, that’s impressive.

“For the most part, the Lakers need to add more because Bron’s not dominating with high-flying dunks the way it used to be.

“He’s not bullying everyone.

“His numbers still look great but they need another guy to take that load off a little bit.

“It has to come from a group of guys, it can only be three or four different guys that can go to LA.

“People have talked about Anthony Davis, have talked about Kawhi, have talked about Klay [Thompson].

“But you don’t know who wants to go there. I would not be surprised if all of them said no.”

Lakers next games sees them take on Spurs on Wednesday night (Thursday 3.30am UK time).

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