John Humphrys: ‘I should have gone years ago’

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After more than three decades John Humphrys has confirmed to Radio 4’s World at One that he will leave the Today programme in Autumn 2019.

Asked how it felt to be leaving, he told Sarah Montague, “I have always enjoyed it, always loved it. And I still do, that’s the problem; I should have gone years ago, obviously I should have gone years ago, but I love doing the programme.”

Sarah, who worked alongside Humphrys for 18 years on Today, pushed him on what he would remember most from his 32 years on the programme. He said: “You do feel that you have a relationship with a huge amount of people… It’s a relationship with millions of listeners. That is a huge privilege.”

‘I should have gone years ago’

As he announces he’s leaving the Today programme, John Humphrys says he stayed for 32 years because he loves it so much.

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