‘Hands off Venezuela’: Rally held in Caracas to support 10mn-signature petition drive (VIDEO)

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Large numbers of Venezuelan citizens have come out to sign a petition against possible US intervention, as government activists began gathering signatures for a campaign to showcase “support for peace” amid mounting threats.

Maduro announced Tuesday that the pamphlet openly condemning President Donald Trump’s potential intervention in the ongoing political turmoil would be circulated country-wide.

I thank people that came to Bolivar Square in Venezuela to sign a petition and speak against the interference of the US empire into the affairs of our Motherland. This is a wonderful manifestation of love and consciousness. We are going to collect 10 million signatures for peace!” Maduro tweeted.

In Caracas, numerous people lined up to sign the document. The petition was greeted by a large-scale rally amid anti-American chants such as “Yankees Go Home.

In order to sign, citizens are required to show valid identification. Venezuelan authorities hope to reach their target number by the end of this weekend when the signature drive is supposed to end.

Despite the extreme divisions in Venezuelan society, a recent poll shows that 86% of the population opposes direct military intervention by a foreign power, and 81% oppose Washington’s sanctions.

Anxiety is understandably high given John Bolton’s insistence that “all options are on the table” for responding to the oil-rich South American nation’s crisis. Trump reiterated the possibility on CBS’ Face the Nation earlier this week saying that military measures are “still an option.

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