D’oh! Pro-EU party Change UK spend over £1000 on ads saying it’s campaigning to ‘remain in the UK’

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Change UK, the new pro-second-referendum group hoping to grab the ‘remain’ vote in Friday’s EU elections, has been running Facebook ads telling Londoners they are campaigning for the UK to… “remain in the UK.”

The pro-EU party made up of Labour and Tory MP defectors spent at least £1300 on five separate Facebook ads published on Sunday and Monday, all containing the same embarrassing error. It meant to say “campaigning to remain in the EU.”

They are campaigning to remain in the UK, for a People’s Vote, and to ensure a prosperous future for everyone in this city [London].

The glaring mistake caused ridicule and hilarity on social media. Tim Dawson, who has written for the Daily Telegraph and the i newspaper, sarcastically branded Change UK’s error as “another stunning display of competency.”

The party has committed a string of mistakes since forming earlier this year, which was seized upon by another Twitter user, who said: “Maybe best to just call the whole thing off?” While others just couldn’t contain their amusement at such a fundamental error, illustrated with an array of comical memes.

Within 24 hours of parading their candidates for the European Parliament elections earlier in April, two were forced to resign after a series of offensive messages surfaced on social media.

The party recruited a branding agency, The&Partnership, to “sharpen up” its image, but it appears it hasn’t been able to bring about the positive change they had hoped for.

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