KSI defeats Logan Paul in enthralling YouTuber boxing fight at Staples Center in L.A.

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KSI defeated Logan Paul via split decision at Staples Center in Los Angeles with the scores reading 55-56, 57-54, 56-55 in the Brit’s favour after an exciting six rounds of action. 

The first round went like most thought it would – it wasn’t very pretty to watch but both looked for an emphatic knockout.

Referee Jack Reiss had to pull the pair apart on multiple occasions but it was KSI who landed the better punches in what was w ild opening stanza.

Paul, who arguably gassed out in the first fight last year, looked like he wanted to conserve important energy – confirmed when he told the same to his trainer Shannon Briggs in the corner.


More of the same followed in the second round as KSI counted his role as the aggressor while Paul tried to assert his jab.

After the opening couple of rounds, KSI was the man showing all the confidence in the world, swinging in a wind-mill-like manner while Paul had a nervous calm etched on his face.

Paul continued his conservative approach to the fight in the third round while KSI began to breathe with his mouth slightly open.

The American then hit the deck, but not ruled a knockdown by referee Reiss, who repeatedly told Paul to get up while KSi waited for another moment to attack.

Midway through the fight, KSI was up, but the Brit had definitely begun to gas a little, while Paul kept it slow and considered.

But in the fourth, Paul hit his best shot of the fight, a right across the face of KSI, who immediately backed up toward the ropes.

The fourth round was marred with controversy as KSI went down after a beautiful uppercut from Paul.

After giving KSI time to recover, Reiss deemed that KSI was hit on the back of the head by Paul while he was down on the floor.

Reiss decided to score the knockdown, but also told the judges to take two points away from Paul, who went straight back on the attack once KSI had recovered.

KSI’s bandy legs retuned in the fifth, where the away fighter began to establish his jab a little more than he did earlier in the bout.

Meanwhile, Paul’s early decision to conserve energy was paying off. He looked the fresher, more confident fighter int he penultimate round of their mega clash.

The sixth and final round came, where it became clear that both were going to try and get the knockout that they promised.

KSI arguably stole the last round with his pressure work and intent to end the fight before the judges would have theory say.

But to the judges it went, like nobody expected, with the cards reading 56-55, 54-57, 55-56 in favour of KSI, who celebrated wildly at the result.

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