KSI vs Logan Paul 2: Luke Campbell gives verdict on controversial boxing bout – EXCLUSIVE

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KSI vs Logan Paul 2 has caused bundles of controversy in the world of boxing – but Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell sees differing sides to the argument. 

KSI and Paul will rematch in the early hours of Sunday morning at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The two YouTube stars’ first bout – an amateur contest held 18 months ago – ended in a draw, but the event brought in over one million pay-per-view buys and sold out the Manchester Arena.

Promoter Eddie Hearn is leading the event – but many boxing fans and professionals aren’t happy with the platform that the two social media stars are being given.

Campbell, transitioned seamlessly from amateur to pro in his career, understands both sets of opinion on the argument.

“Look, there’s two sides to it and I can see both sides,” he exclusively told Express Sport.

“On one side, the event can bring new fans to the sport, obviously both of them are very popular, they’re going to make a hell of a lot of money for it as well.

“Everything now is about viewers and numbers, this YouTube world, it’s all about that.

“On the other, if you’re a professional boxer and we’re speaking barely boxing, you’re thinking ‘this is ridiculous’.”

Campbell, whose last fight came in a losing effort against Vasyl Lomachenko in August, does have one reservation about KSI and Paul fighting each other.

He added: “One thing I do worry about is that boxing is a very tough game. They don’t want to make people think that anybody could just get in the ring and become a boxer like that – it doesn’t work like that.

“It’s a dangerous sport and both of them are amateurs really – it’s going to be a really hard night for both, there’s tonnes of pressure as well, they’re fighting in a sold-out arena and millions will be watching too.

“Obviously the first fight they had head guards, all the head guards do is stop cuts from happening. When you have nothing protecting your head an you have a clash of heads, you’re going to get cut a lot.

“If you look at all amateurs nowadays, since they banned head guards, amateurs are all cut up, and for what really? So it’s possible that either of them suffer a cut during the fight, it could happen, especially due to inexperience.”

Last week KSI made headlines by claiming on Sky Sports that he felt like his ability was strong enough to overcome some professionals out there in the boxing world.

While most have brushed off those comments, Campbell does think there’s at least a tiny bit of substance there.

He said: “There are definitely journeymen out there that, who go into fights week in, week out, knowing that they’re going to get beat.

“So in that respect, KSI could beat someone like that but he wouldn’t beat a professional boxer of any high calibre.

“I very much doubt that, I find it incredibly hard to see him beating a high-level professional boxer.”

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