UK PM Boris Johnson thanks ‘wonderful people’ he met when campaigning, after several asked him to leave

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Boris Johnson was all Twitter-smiles on Tuesday, thanking the “wonderful people” he met during the ongoing campaign for their support, light-heartedly erasing his recent encounters with critics from the memory.

Prime-minister’s misfortunes of last week started in Yorkshire, in the north of England, where he came last Wednesday for face-to-face meetings with the victims of recent floods. Yet, he faced a barrage of questions over whether enough had been spent on flood defenses and why voters in the affected areas should support him.

One woman told Johnson she “was not very happy about talking to him” and that she would rather “just motor on with what she was doing,” before walking away.

“You’ve not helped us,” she said.

The next day, the prime-minister was most probably not expecting anything to go off track when he was set to visit a bakery in Glastonbury, Somerset. The plan was scrapped at the last minute due to security concerns, as Extinction Rebellion protesters gathered outside the bakery chanting “he hasn’t got the balls” and holding banners reading “Tory policy kill”, while a guitarist nearby sang “The Boris Blues.”

On Saturday, Johnson visited the scene of a huge fire that happened a day before at the block of student flats in Bolton. It left two people injured, some 200 students displaced and prompted talks about the “lessons of Grenfell not learnt.”

The prime minister was told to leave a support hub for evacuated students by a man who exclaimed “how dare you come up here a day late”, showing him the way to an exit. Johnson walked past the angered man to talk to others, including students and university staff.

The United Kingdom will hold a general election on December 12, after members of Parliament backed Johnson’s bid for a snap poll.

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