Ashtar Command anyone?

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    Aside from the white and yellow, the lights consist of the primary colors. I don’t know what, if anything, that has to do with. Just an observation.

    I do know that the KGB as well as CIA performed many “experiments” using flashing combinations of lights.
    Their goal was to induce an out of the body experience. Sometimes this was Accompanied by white noise and used in remote viewing exercises.

    More recently, color exposure has been used to induce the d m t experience. The Lucia No. 03 Hypnogogic Light Machine is always touring the country.
    Here’s a persons review of their experience

    IMO the craft, and beings go far into the true nature of reality. The ETH seems too simple. Beings from another planet in a ship that was built in a factory?
    I believe we need to look towards our own consciousness for the answer, not the stars.

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