Black Structure and Martian City spotted on Mars

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    Found these strange things that really popped out to its surroundings.
    Using the CTX Mosaic, really helped.. so remember to turn that on in google earth if you plan to check it out.

    US-based Dr John Brandenburg is convince that past intelligent civilizations flourished on Mars before wiping themselves out through nuclear war, perhaps these ruins and strange structure are just some of the many ruins on Mars, as seen in many of my other Mars videos.

    What do you think ATS ?

    Martian City
    74°41’5.43″N 11°41’42.66″E

    Black Structure
    74°44’34.87″N 13°23’45.36″E

    A overview of the city ruins

    This black structure is nearby in a crater, looks metallic but hidden in some black goo / smoke?

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    The elongated structures, could be tunnels exposed by the past disaster that killed off everyone.

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