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    David Budd and Julia Montague outside No. 10 Downing street in Bodyguard

    It’s been one of the biggest dramas for years and last night BBC One’s Bodyguard ended with a 75-minute special.

    Millions of viewers were hoping to get answers on who planted the bomb at St Matthew’s College which killed (or at least seemed to kill) Home Secretary Julia Montague.

    Its creator Jed Mercurio has confirmed that talks about a second series have started.

    But as the credits rolled, it seems some of us were straight onto WhatsApp trying to work out if there was unfinished business.

    Here are some of the biggest unanswered questions.

    Warning. This article contains spoilers.

    Longcross: What was he really up to?

    Image copyright Getty Images
    Image caption Michael Shaeffer, who plays, Richard Longross looks less dodgy on the red carpet

    Remember him – he was acting shifty in the hotel corridor of Julia’s hotel and his face was the subject of a pretty dodgy E-fit.

    But did we really get a satisfactory conclusion about MI5 agent Richard Longcross?

    Sergeant David Budd had been pursuing him for most of the series after all.

    Did he just want the tablet back so the kompromat on the prime minister didn’t go any further? Oh, and what happened to his face after he got sprayed with CS gas?

    How did Luke Aitkens know Nadia?

    Image caption Anjli Mohindra, who plays Nadia, also starred in the BBC drama My Jihad

    So it seems pretty clear we all underestimated Nadia.

    No, she wasn’t the oppressed wife driven to carry a suicide vest on a packed train as we thought. In fact, she was a jihadi intent on causing mass carnage herself.

    She worked with organised crime big guy Luke Aitkens to supply the St Matthews College bomb – but how did he ever get her number or slide into her DMs?

    Is there more to twitchy Mike Travis?

    Image caption Mike Travis became the new home secretary after Julia Montague’s death

    First things first. Yes – Twenty Twelve, Banana and Cucumber. It’s that actor, Vincent Franklin.

    After Julia’s death, Minister of State for Counter-Terrorism Mike Travis got the big job.

    Why was he always so twitchy though? So, so, twitchy. Was he just nervy about being home secretary or was something more to it?

    The last we saw of him was on the phone to MI5 chief Stephen Hunter-Dunn and he was still anxious.

    Why was he so worried that David was about to become the hero?

    Was commander Anne Sampson squeaky clean?

    Image caption Squeaky clean or a bad egg?

    She was the head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter terrorism command and someone who didn’t rate Julia Montague one bit.

    Not least because Julia wanted to make the secret service more powerful by bringing in the RIPA 18 bill.

    There were some clever tricks in the show from early on which nudged viewers towards thinking Anne was the bad egg.

    In the end, Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock was the bent copper, but did Anne really not know anything about her years of dodgy deals with Aitken?

    Who was Vicky Budd’s boyfriend?

    Image caption Vicki’s boyfriend was mentioned loads but we never got to see him

    Just like Ugly Naked Guy in Friends, he is on that great TV list of “always mentioned, never seen” – but why didn’t he make an appearance?

    Vicky talked about him lots and we always saw the Budd kids.

    Let’s just chuck this out there – was Vicky Budd’s boyfriend actually Richard Longcross? Or maybe it was just some colleague from the hospital she worked in.

    Is she dead?

    Image caption Keeley Hawkes played Julia Montague

    Well we’ve got to talk about it given it’s all we’ve talked about for the last three weeks.

    Actress Keeley Hawes is a very busy and talented lady – maybe she could only fit in filming for three episodes?

    It seems like Julia Montague is really dead. Sob.

    But judging by early social media reaction, plenty of Bodyguard fans aren’t willing to accept it – especially with the chat about a second series.

    We never did see that “private” funeral, did we?

    Did Daniel Chung get a commendation?

    Image caption David Budd had a bomb attached to him which Daniel helped defuse

    A quick mention of the unsung hero of the sixth episode.

    Bomb disposal expert Daniel Chung is the man you’d want by your side in a crisis.

    He was the one who helped David Budd defuse the bomb he had attached to him and played a blinder.

    Daniel definitely deserves a medal and some long service leave.

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