Brazilian lawyer executed by hitman in front of his toddler daughter (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

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    Police are investigating the murder of a labor lawyer who was shot at point-blank range in the presence of his 18-month-old daughter. The gut-wrenching CCTV video shows the father calmly accepting his fate to save his little girl.

    André Ambrósio Ribeiro Pessoa, 46, died after receiving five gunshots late Thursday afternoon in Caruaru, Brazil. The extremely graphic video of the assassination –captured on security camera– shows the victim arriving at his ex-wife’s house to drop off the toddler. As soon as he gets out of the vehicle with his daughter and the nanny, the murderer approaches them, holding a gun.

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    The gunman is then seen ordering the labor lawyer to hand the child over to the babysitter before instructing Pessoa to get down on the sidewalk.

    Calmly handing over the child, the man kneeled to his death. Before the nanny even had a chance to walk away, the gunman fired five shots at the man’s head, killing him instantly at point-blank range.

    The killer, who the police say was riding a silver car, has not yet been identified. The motive also remains unclear as the manhunt continues. Authorities are inclined to believe that the murder was an assassination rather than a burglary, because $1,000 in cash which the victim had at the time of his death, remained in his pocket.

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