Car plunges into Colorado Springs swimming pool

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    A car sitting in the bottom of a swimming pool in Colorado Springs - 3 July 2017Image copyright Instagram/brentenw
    Image caption The driver was rescued from the car by passersby

    A Colorado woman sent her car plunging to the bottom of a swimming pool after reportedly putting her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.

    The accident happened at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort country club in Colorado Springs on Monday morning.

    Reports said the car hit another vehicle and drove at up to 60mph (97km/h) up a hill, through a fence and into the pool.

    The driver, who is in her 70s, was rescued from the car by passersby.

    Reports said she is not seriously injured but is being monitored in hospital.

    The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs said she is likely to face charges for dangerous driving. The newspaper and local television networks said a mistake with the pedals was likely to be the cause.

    Image copyright Jessica Puzio
    Image caption The car drove up a small hill before plunging into the water

    Jessica Puzio, 35, from Denver, is a guest at the resort and described the aftermath to the BBC.

    “When my friend and I headed down to the pool to relax at about 11:00, we were surprised to find a Lincoln SUV partially submerged in the water.

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    “Amazingly, the car didn’t look like it had a scratch on it – just a flat tyre. If you ask me, she’s really lucky that pool was there to soften the crash.”

    Image copyright Jessica Puzio
    Image caption There was no-one in the pool at 07:30, when the crash happened
    Image copyright Instagram/fredd1e
    Image caption It was later completely drained, and the car will be removed soon

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