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Gaza Killings: Who is to blame?

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges Danny Ayalon on whether Israel is responsible for the recent killings of Palestinians following months of protests along the Gaza fence.  Formerly a deputy […]

UK using child spies in police operations

Children have been deployed to collect information for the UK’s domestic intelligence services [Peter Nicholls/Reuters] British authorities are deploying children as spies in covert policing and security operations, a new UK parliamentary report revealed. […]

Why are Iraqis protesting?

Iraqi protesters burn tires and block the road at the entrance to the city of Basra, Iraq July 12, 2018 [Essam al-Sudani/Reuters] For the past two weeks, waves of mass protests have engulfed several of […]

Nepal: The Great Plunder

On the global art market, Himalayan statues of religious deities fetch millions of dollars. But to the Nepalese, they are living gods who have been stolen from their communities. In this exclusive Al Jazeera […]