Colombia to be NATOs first Latin American global partner

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    Globalists trying hard to push their agenda and now they’re going for South America.

    BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombia will next week formally join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making it the only Latin American nation in the alliance, President Juan Manuel Santos said late on Friday.

    Colombia will join as a “global partner”, Santos said, which means it will not necessarily have to take part in military action, and will be fully accredited in Brussels.

    Repercussion of this by South America countries are not good.

    NATO’s “global partners” maintain cooperation in areas of “mutual interest”, particularly on security issues, and can actively contribute to joint actions, including military action, according to the organization.

    Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand and Pakistan are NATO’s “global partners” to join Colombia.

    Venezuela said this action threatens the peace in Latin America and the Caribbean, which always kept distance from the warlike policies and actions of NATO and any other military or military organization that seeks to appeal to the use of force and suffering of people to impose and guarantee hegemony of a particular political and economic mode.

    Countries are worried that this will allow foreign governments to intervene in Latin America policies.

    The 29-nation NATO alliance reached a partnership agreement with Colombia back in May 2017, just after peace was signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, an agreement that earned Santos a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Mhmmm, right. *Gets a Nobel Peace Prize then joins the worst and most dangerous military organization in the world.*

    The reason I’m posting this in the conspiracy forum, is that in recent years countries from Europe and the U.S. are getting more interested in the Latin America. In November last year, there was an unprecedented military exercise in the Amazon forest, in Brazil. Members of Peru, Colombia, the United States and representatives from 23 nations acting as observers.

    The purpose of the exercise is to create guidelines for disaster relief in the triple Amazon border region. Simulations on how to assist victims of forest fires, earthquakes, droughts, floods, and ship accidents will be performed.

    Soldiers will also practice on how to deal with large contingents of human migrations, as in the case of refugees.

    Any thoughts, ATS?

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    What is the NATO ultimate goal?

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