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Donald Trump Heralds New ‘Make America Great Again’ Anthem on Independence Day

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    On Independence Day 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted out wishes for a Happy Independence Day along with video of the “Make America Great Again” anthem premiered at the recent Celebrate Freedom Rally.

    Gary Moore, former music minister of First Baptist Church of Dallas, wrote the song that was premiered at last Saturday’s Celebrate Freedom rally at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Trump spoke at the event that was hosted by First Baptist of Dallas.

    The First Baptist church choir and orchestra performed the song that put music to the emblematic rally cry of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign that has carried through to his presidency.

    Trump tweeted the song out on Independence Day 2017:

    The full text of the official song reads as follows, according to ABC News:

    Make America great again

    Make America great again

    Lift the torch of freedom all across the land

    Step into the future joining hand in hand

    And make America great again

    Yes make America great again.

    Americans from ev’ry corner of this blessed land

    Come together with one voice

    Help us take a stand

    Following the vision to make her proud and grand

    And make America great again

    Make America great again

    Like the mighty eagle that is rising on the wind

    Soaring t’ward our destiny

    Hearts and voices blend

    With a mighty melody oh let the song begin

    And make America great again

    Make America great again

    Each and every state

    Make America great again

    Make America great again

    The version played at Saturday’s rally sounds to be an abbreviated version of the full song.

    The song echoes Trump’s presidential campaign rally cry of “Make America Great Again,” a phrase reminiscent of conservative icon former President Ronald Reagan’s slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Trump pins his relationship with the phrase to the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign loss in 2012 to President Barack Obama’s bid for a second term.

    Trump moved forward with trademarking the phrase “Make America Great Again” within days of Romney’s defeat, according to the Washington Post. In a January interview with the outlet, Trump professed that he learned of Reagan’s use of the phrase just a year ago. President Bill Clinton used the phrase in his 1992 presidential campaign, though once Trump used it, Clinton claimed it was racist, according to the Washington Times.

    Pastor Robert Jeffress leads First Baptist Church of Dallas. Jeffress has said that Trump sought him out in August of 2015 and the two began building a relationship. He offered words of praise for Trump at an early 2016 rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

    Trump tweeted just prior to attending the Celebrate Freedom rally as well:

    This Independence day post was made to the President’s Facebook page:

    Trump and first lady Melania will celebrate this evening at a White House picnic and fireworks show.

    Ahead of the event the President offered another tweet:

    The full Celebrate Freedom rally has been posted to YouTube. The rendition of “Make America Great Again” begins around the 34:28 mark.

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