Donna Brazile and Muriel Bowser were at the hospital @ 4:30 am when Seth Rich was brought in!

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    Easy maybe coincidence… maybe someone saw him and they called his co-workers..

    Please explain this….

    A) If they had something to do with it why would they be ANYWHERE near his hospital????

    B) assuming the Clintons/dnc has unlimited money and access to VERY HIGH END mercenaries and security personnel, because they do..

    Why did a professional do such a crap job of making it look like an accident/robbery/exc….

    If this was done by a hitman we need to think up a whole new reason why they used such a crap hitman..

    C) why do riches parents think the conspiracy theory is a joke???

    The parents are usually the easiest people to fool if we are adding meaning to the death of their son.

    If rich was murdered for outing corruption he is a hero…

    If rich was killed in a botched robbery his death was meaningless..

    So how bad must the evidence be if the parents think their son’s death was meaningless???

    They even sued the Fox News paid for PI for lying and politicizing their son’s death..

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    All you gotta do to debunk most laughable conspiracy theories is imagaine the logistics required to pull it off..

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