Driving force: Russia World Cup hero Dzyuba becomes voice of GPS navigator

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    Russian striker Artem Dzyuba is known for guiding the ball into the back of the net, but he will now be guiding motorists around the country’s roads as the voice for a popular GPS navigation service.

    Dzyuba, 29, recently starred at the World Cup where he scored three times in Russia’s historic run to the quarter-finals.

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    He became a national hero in the process as a charismatic team leader whose passion on the pitch and light-hearted demeanour off it made him popular with fans.

    Russians will now be hearing a lot more of the 6ft 4in Zenit St. Petersburg striker, after he became the voice of the popular Yandex Navigator GPS service used by motorists across the country.

    Users will have the option of hearing Dzyuba give directions as well as warnings such as when a speed camera is looming.

    Some of the directions have been given a suitable footballing twist, such as when he instructs drivers to “switch flank” – ie change direction – and proclaims “final whistle – you’re the champion” when motorists reach their chosen destination.

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    Dzyuba recently began the new season with club team Zenit, and found the net in his team’s opening game win against Yenisey Krasnoyarsk.

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    Motorists will be hoping for similar accuracy as Dzyuba guides them around Russia’s roads.

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