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    It Might Seem Narcissistic but This Trick Changed My Approach to Personal Style

    When I do a wardrobe clear out it usually happens on a Sunday. I dramatically pull everything out of every cupboard and spend the next four hours trying to crisis manage the mess, rather than using it as a chance to properly assess the gaps in my wardrobe. I decided to do this year's spring clean a little differently. A while ago an influencer showed me a folder on her phone where she stored pictures of her outfits from every single day. These weren't the glossy outfit pictures you see on your Instagram feeds, but quick snapshots purely designed to keep a record ... Read More

    The One Necklace You’ll Find on Every Fashion Editor’s Bedside Table

    The vintage-look jewellery train steams on this year, with fashion influencers favouring old world pieces as opposed to your box-fresh, shiny bijouterie. And the proof is in the numbers: Last year, Vestiaire Collective reported a 50% increase in its vintage jewellery category, according to Vogue.But the necklace we're loving at the moment is more 9th-century BC than pearls pinched from your grandma's jewellery box. Adored by the likes of Lucy Williams—who teamed up with Missoma to create a collection with the pieces at the centre—coin pendants dangling on long chains are now the coolest thing to have around your neck.Top ... Read More

    This Fruity Top On ASOS Is Quickly Becoming An Instagram Sensation

    The appearance of the sun this week has made us all wear our jolliest items, and there's one piece in particular that has been a real hit with the Instagram crowd. On my daily scroll I keep noticing a white relaxed collarless shirt with a tie at the front and little buttons down the front. It is covered in playful embroidered fruits, including emoji-style bananas, watermelon slices and pineapples. It can be hard to slot beach coverups into your every day wardrobe, but this is a holiday buy that you can easily wear at home too. It's stocked on ASOS, however is ... Read More

    Public Service Announcement: Zara Has the Most Amazing Swimwear Right Now

    Faced with another month or two of rain and snow, it feels like my only option is distraction: cranking up the heater, turning on a reggae-tinged playlist, and manifesting the beach days that are slowly but surely creeping my way. But while swimsuit shopping is my cure for the gloomy woes of April, I'm oftentimes let down by the simple fact that my favourite swimsuits are always oddly expensive. If I'm saving up for a beach getaway, I don't want to blow the Airbnb budget on a single bikini. But, that's where Zara now comes to the rescue.The fast-fashion behemoth has ... Read More

    You Can’t Go Wrong With This One Failsafe Outfit We Keep Spotting On Instagram

    The sun has finally made an appearance on our shores in 2018 — you can practically hear the giant sigh of relief from everyone today. The best news about this long-awaited season shift is that it means we can finally start whipping out our spring outfits, and today Laura Jackson is wearing exactly what we wish we put on this morning. She posted a picture of her in a brown polka dot dress by Lee Matthews with a straw basket bag and a pair of white Superga pump trainers. This combination is a winning formula for spring, as shown by influencer Thats ... Read More

    Congratulations Meghan Markle You Have Found the Most Perfect Sundress

    Today is the day that we are all debuting the summer dresses we've had hanging in our wardrobes waiting for the sun to make an appearance. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended a Commonwealth Youth Forum today and Meghan wore the perfect sundress, a striped belted midi with black statement buttons down the front by Altuzarra. A sleeveless pinafore style that bares her shoulder isn't a silhouette you'd typically see worn by the royal family, confirming that Meghan will be making more modern and unexpected style choices. Meghan Markle outfits always centre around a statement handbag, and today's look was no different as she ... Read More

    What to Wear in April When You Can’t Be Doing With the Rain Anymore

    It's evident by now that April isn't warming up the way we'd like it to. So what do you wear when spring isn't quite making an appearance and you can't be doing with the rain anymore? Take outfit inspiration from some of our favourite influencers, of course. After trawling through their Instagram accounts, we managed to come up with 12 key looks that are ideal for any sort of changeable weather. From cool layered outfits to co-ords that are right for the office (and won't have you freezing), there are plenty of ideas you'll want to copy immediately. Keep scrolling ... Read More

    Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Feared Trend Is Back, and We’re Conflicted

    The '80s revival in fashion isn't exactly news, but some trends, like oversized blazers and shoulder pads, have taken off more quickly than others. But as WWD confirmed this morning, one of the most polarising '80s trends of all is about to hit the mainstream again three decades later: scrunchies.Thanks to the always-directional Balenciaga, which included lambskin scrunchies in its Resort 18 collection, the trend is suddenly on every fashion follower's mind. According to WWD, they're "on the cusp of a full revival." Retailers like Urban Outfitters and Free People have quickly jumped on board with the retro hair accessory, and many ... Read More

    You Don’t Need A Beckham Bank Balance to Recreate VB’s Millionaire Outfit Idea

    The most expensive-looking outfit you can wear is always head-to-toe white — nothing screams luxury quite like ivory. It gives the impression that you are pristine, don't travel by public transport and have the budget for lots of visits to the dry cleaners. Yesterday Victoria Beckham wore two all-white outfits, wearing flared trousers with a slouchy jacket with the sleeves rolled up to celebrate her birthday with her children. She then wore all white to support Eva Longoria as she was presented with a Hollywood star – VB wore a white midi skirt with a matching silk shirt. She added ... Read More

    The Little Detail That Instantly Makes Any Outfit Look More Relevant

    Here at Who What Wear UK, we always strive to tell you about the next big trends ahead of time. That's why we created Microtrend Monday, your weekly alert to let you know the items and styling tricks that are suddenly taking off.This month, we have noticed that there's a new neckline that is suddenly cropping up all over the place. Usually, when it comes to necklines, you have two options—it's either a round neck or V-neck. But now we keep spotting square necklines. This angular framing has always seemed a little Elizabethan to me, however, thanks to L.A. brand ... Read More

    9 Sandals to See You Through an Entire Wedding Season

    Wedding season is almost here, and while many of us spend weeks trying to find the perfect dress, shoes often get overlooked. (Although, shoes are arguably the most important part of the outfit.) We've all had nights cut short by pinching high heels and blisters upon blisters, so that's why we've hunted down the most comfortable sandals to see you through the summer wedding season and (hopefully) keep you on the dance floor all night. From jewel-embellished flats to block heels, there's a pair here for everyone. Scroll through the gallery below to shop our edit of the perfect wedding ... Read More

    £1000 Boots and £2250 Bags: How Much Coachella Outfits Cost

    To most of us a VIP wristband is the most luxurious accessory we could imagine wearing at a festival, however the word 'luxury' at Coachella doesn't mean hot showers and a flushing toilet. Coachella might not have the uncontrollable mud and flying pints of cider that define British music festivals, but even so the sheer number of designer handbags at the festival this weekend was quite staggering.In 2016 Lyst revealed to The Telegraph that the average UK Glastonbury shopper spends £165 on festival items — however that would only stretch to one pair of sunglasses for Coachella's fashion crowd who attend ... Read More

    Cabin Crew Share the Outfit That Will Get You Bumped Up to First Class

    When I was interviewing cabin crew for a feature on how to pack a carry-on, every air hostess I spoke to told me that what you wear to the airport can influence whether you get upgraded or not. The idea of dressing up for a flight might seem terribly outdated (why would you want to wear anything but stretchy pants for a 10-hour flight, right?), but according to these flight attendants, dressing smartly can increase your chances of getting bumped up to first class.I personally think that comfort is the main priority when travelling and see no problem with flying ... Read More

    These 12 Under-£50 Swimsuits Will Make You Even More Excited for the Beach

    Holiday shopping can quickly become expensive, and while we might all want to buy a Lisa Marie Fernandez or Mara Hoffman swimsuit, many of us don't want to splurge on something we'll only wear for a week or two a year. Luckily the high street has really upped its swimwear game this season, as Zara, Mango, and more have expanded their swimwear with expensive-looking suits for under £100. If you want something simple, Weekday and H&M have flattering, classic one-pieces, while if you have a weakness for colourful prints, you'll want to see the swimsuits we've found at & Other ... Read More

    Don’t Panic, But These 3 Zara Bags Look 10 Times More Expensive

    We all know the secret to an expensive-looking high-street bag is that it needs to be minimal. The simpler the better. This method has been proven by Zara in the past when that tote took off in 2012 and claimed its place in the affordable brand's hall of fame.In the Spanish store, this season you'll find a selection that lives up to that kind of promise: clean lines, subtle finishes and interesting silhouettes. The kind of handbag that does its job (no faffing about with difficult fastenings or super-small sizes here) but looks cool and collected enough to pass for ... Read More

    19 Handbags No One Will Believe You Found on the High Street

    The high street excels at so many things, but we find the one area where it often falls short is the handbag department. It can be difficult to find expensive-looking bags for under £200, let alone £100, with many choosing to invest in designer handbags above any other item. The key to shopping for bags on a budget is to stick to clean, minimal designs that look more luxurious than their price tag. Topshop and Mango are leading the way here with timeless, sculpted designs that are free of any branding or brash prints, but you'll also find styles at & Other ... Read More

    7 Not-White Wedding Dresses for Brides Who Don’t Want to Look Classic

    The decision about what you're going to wear for your big day can be tough, especially if you want something less traditional. But have you ever considered a coloured wedding dress? True, they're not exactly new—Elizabeth Taylor wore a yellow frock for her nuptials to Richard Burton back in 1964—but they can be a more exciting alternative to a white gown. So, what colours are okay for your big day? Well, anything, really. You shouldn't be dictated by trends or what other people think. Remember the moment is all about you.However, there is one tiny snag when opting for this ... Read More

    Emma Willis Just Showcased the Coolest Walthamstow-Based Denim Brand

    Los Angeles or Nashville might be considered the denim capitals of the world, however, East London has its own growing denim scene bursting out of Shoreditch, Hackney, Clapton, Dalston and Walthamstow. This week on This Morning, Emma Willis showcased King & Tuckfield, the denim brand based in Walthamstow and manufactures its denim at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. Erin Fridja of Clapton-based denim shop Bad Denim previously said to Who What Wear about London's denim hot spot: "Manufacturing-wise, I was so psyched when Blackhorse Lane Ateliers opened up in Walthamstow—it's a great space and incredible to bring manufacturing back to London. It ... Read More