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Female Tech Worker Refuses Megyn Kelly’s Intvu Request About Sexual Harassment

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    A female tech worker in Silicon Valley says she rejected NBC News talent Megyn Kelly’s interview request about sexual harassment in the tech industry.

    On Twitter, Kelly Ellis, who apparently (@justkelly_ok) has called out Google superiors for sexual harassment in the past, revealed this week that “she got off the phone with NBC producers” once she found out she was being contacted for a segment on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

    “It saddens me since the story itself needs major national attention, but a racist doing a show about harassment undermines the whole thing,” Ellis continued, adding that she felt “good” that she was “able to express that directly to a producer and make clear that” she was declining to participate because of Kelly.

    As Breitbart News has pointed out, Kelly’s ratings have spectacularly tanked—her last show was her lowest rated program to date and a years-old rerun of Dateline that ran last week while Kelly was on vacation got more viewers than Kelly’s last poorly-rated show—in part because she has “alienated” everyone.

    Working-class voters who support Donald Trump cannot stand her because it looks more and more like she bashed Trump and his voters solely to elevate her own profile among the media elites.

    Those in the establishment media have criticized Kelly for her lack of substance—HuffPost, for instance, obtained her unedited interview with Vladimir Putin in which a “nervous” Kelly lobbed nothing but “softballs.” Kelly has been resoundingly criticized for not only lacking gravitas, but for also being generally clueless and not prepared. For instance, she had no clue that India’s prime minister—who is the world’s second-most followed politician on Twitter after Trump and whose use of Twitter has been profiled in numerous outlets like Time and the New York Times well before Trump won the White House—was even on Twitter.

    Others, especially those on the left, have not forgiven Kelly for saying “ridiculous” and “racist” things on Fox News, like when she insisted that Santa was white. As Variety noted, Kelly’s “history of cringeworthy statements about black people” may come back to hurt her “in a timeslot that happens to draw a large African-American female audience” when Kelly hosts her daily one-hour show in the fall:

    According to Nielsen data for the 2015-16 season, African-American women comprised 23.1% of the total TV audience in the (nearly synchronous) 7 a.m.- 3 p.m. time frame, making them the largest component of the daytime viewership base, ahead of white (16.3%), Hispanic (12.6%) and Asian (7.6%) women.

    But Ellis’ comments show that Kelly has offended plenty of others as well with her “cringeworthy” statements over the years about minorities.

    When one of Ellis’ followers suggested that former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien should be doing the segment on sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, Ellis agreed. If Kelly had not displaced NBC’s popular anchor Tamron Hall, perhaps Hall could have gotten an interview from someone whose opinions and perspective are in demand like Ellis in addition to doing a segment on the lack of racial diversity in an industry that keeps pushing for more visas to grant to foreign guest-workers who are no more qualified than the legal immigrant or U.S.-born American workers they are displacing.

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    NBC News has already been reportedly”freaking out” over the “ratings disaster” that Kelly has turned out to be. The network has reportedly been panicking and looking into potentially unloading her contract or putting her on MSNBC. A high-ranking Fox News official told Breitbart News, though, that Kelly “would not be welcomed back” if NBC tries to convince the network to take her–and her burdensome ($17 million/year) contract–back.

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