Firmware Update Brings Vive Pro Audio Improvements, HTC Looking into Reports of Screen Issues

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    Following a small rash of reports from new Vive and Vive Pro users, HTC says they’re looking into issues regarding mismatched display brightness. Additionally, SteamVR’s beta branch brings a firmware update to the Vive Pro which is said to improve the initially disappointing audio quality.

    A batch of reports in the last few days have seen users of both the original Vive and the Vive Pro citing display issues with regards to inconsistent brightness from one eye to the next. Most of the reports, like this one from Reddit user ‘DemonFinn’, indicates that during dark or completely black scenes, one display is completely black while the other is grey, creating an uncomfortable stereo conflict.

    A spokesperson for HTC tells Road to VR that the company is looking into these reports, and suggests that users with the issue reach out to for support. Thanks to ‘Cmdr StarLion’ who pointed out these reports.

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    Regarding an issue relating to audio quality on the Vive Pro, a SteamVR beta update this week brings with it a firmware update which “improves audio quality,” hopefully fixing the issue we noted in our Vive Pro review:

    Unfortunately, the Vive Pro headphones are presently crippled with a “known issue” which has them missing out on a lot of bass tones. HTC says a fix for that is in the works, and you can remove the Vive Pro headphones and substitute your own if you wish. I hope the headphones get fixed sooner rather than later, as the volume and mic-mute buttons on the back of them are a useful touch.

    View the original article:

    We’ll be testing this soon to give it a listen.

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