Former NFL WR TJ Houshmanzadeh: ‘You Can’t Go’ to the White House if You’re a Black Athlete

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    During Thursday’s “Speak for Yourself” on Fox Sports 1, former Pro Bowl wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh weighed in on the Philadelphia Eagles players not going to the White House and Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins holding up signs in the locker room as part of his social justice message.

    According to the longtime Bengal, black athletes cannot go visit the White House because of how Trump has “demeaned” them.

    “There’s people on the Eagles that probably genuinely wanted to go to the White House,” Houshmandzadeh said. “As a black athlete, you can’t go. You can’t go. The president has demeaned the African-American players so much — you can’t go to the White House. You can’t.”

    “Speak for Yourself” co-host and founder of Jason McIntyre pushed back, pointing out how NFL legend and FS1 football analyst Ray Lewis met with Donald Trump just before he took over as president.

    Houshmandzadeh exclaimed, “He shouldn’t have done it!”

    Host Jason Whitlock then added President Trump did not demean all NFL players, but rather his “SOB” comment was aimed at the small percentage of players who were protesting.

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