Four Wanted After Brutal Gang Rape in France That Was Broadcast Across Social Media

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    French police in the city of Toulouse are on the hunt for four suspects involved in the gang rape of a 19-year-old girl that was filmed and broadcast on Snapchat.

    The gang rape took place in the car park of the nightclub Balma on Sunday evening with investigators identifying the victim as a local 19-year-old on Tuesday, Franceinfo reports.

    In the video, the victim is heard shouting for help and at least one of the men involved is also heard telling another suspect not to record the attack saying, “Stop filming, it’s a rape (…) it’s a rape, it’s a rape,” indicating they were aware the attack was not consensual.

    Guys, each one his turn!” another said during the live broadcast while others laughed.

    So far, according to the public prosecutor of Toulouse, none of the men involved in the gang rape has been identified but social media users on Twitter have speculated on the identities and backgrounds of the suspects.

    The men involved face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of rape, but so far investigators have been cautious saying that the attack was clearly non-consensual but have not gone into further detail about possible charges.

    The incident bears a striking similarity to another gang rape that was broadcast across Facebook in Sweden in January 2017. The men involved, two of whom were asylum seekers, were interrupted by police officers during the attack and arrested after a Facebook user reported their activity to the police.

    Reza Mohammed Ahmadi, 21, was later sentenced to four years in prison for rape, 18-year-old Maysam Afshar was sentenced to one year, and their Swedish national accomplice Emil Khodagholi was given a six-month sentence following their trial in April last year.

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    Only months after the Facebook live stream rape, Swedish police in Uppsala arrested another man involved in a gang rape that was posted to Snapchat.

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