FS1’s Carter on National Anthem: ‘I’ve Been Disrespected My Whole Life –White People Ain’t Said Nothing About That’

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    While speaking to students at TheBlackManCan Institute in Manhattan, Fox Sports 1 host and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter weighed in on the National Anthem debate in the NFL.

    Carter blasted the league owners for the new anthem policy requiring players to either stand or stay in the locker room in the wake of black athletes’ continued protest over the poor relationships black people have with police.

    He told the students he has “been disrespected” his whole life and white people never cared, but now that the flag is being disrespected, they do.

    “So now you’re telling me, ‘Oh if they don’t observe the National Anthem, they [are] not required to be able to play?’ Well, we’ve been accepting guys who have been convicted of murder … but now you’re telling me I can’t exercise my right as a United States citizen? You’d much rather have that? What about all the guys [who have] committed sexual assault that are playing in the NFL — ain’t nobody said nothing? Ain’t nobody thinking about dropping out. They done violated someone’s daughter and we don’t care. But now all of a sudden, we’re that patriotic about that flag,” Carter said to the group of students in video by House of Boom’s Eric Salvary.

    “[O]h, y’all gonna have a secret meeting and change it without us?” He added. “So, no, I stand with the players, I kneel with the players. It’s not in disrespect to the flag. I’ve been disrespected my whole life, white people ain’t said nothing about that. … So now, people are more patriotic than us because the people on our streets [are] being killed, people being harassed, people being arrested.”

    He later reiterated that he supports the players in their protest.

    “It only happens to us,” said Carter of police harassment. “I support the players. I’m glad they are doing what they are doing. And people keep getting this thing twisted — these owners are more patriotic than these black players. Well, no they’re not.”

    (h/t Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson at Basketball Society Online)

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