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    0 finish lines: It’s the race that never ends, it goes on and on, my friends. That’s why they call it Onrush. Developed by Codemasters studio, this team-based racing game offers a unique twist on car racing in that the race never really stops. Instead, players will be able to drop in and out of the action at their leisure. Throw in some hefty speed boosts, death defying jumps and stunts, and a stampede of 24 racers, Onrush looks to fundamentally reimagine the autocross genre.

    1 finger: That’s all you’ll need in order to beat the snot out of hostile mobs in One Finger Death Punch 2. With over 700 individual strike animations, four game modes and dozens of exotic weapons with which to hack, slash, impale, bludgeon, shoot and laze your enemies with, OFDP2 gets a resounding thumb up.

    2 players: If you think you can beat A Way Out on your own, you are sorely mistaken. This cinematic adventure title from Hazelight studios follows the trials and tribulations of a pair of escaped convicts as they go on the lamb and try to rebuild their lives. If you enjoyed The Last of Us, I have a feeling you’re going to really dig AWO. Just remember to bring a friend.

    10 minutes: Who says pixel art can’t be emotionally evocative? 11 Bit Studio’s latest title, the procedurally generated narrative-driven adventure Children of Morta managed to give senior editor Jessica Conditt all of the feels in under a quarter of an hour.

    Dozens of games: Back in the day, Nintendo was notoriously strict about the games it allowed on its platform. But times, they are a’changing. Keeping in line with a promise it made last year, the venerated console company announced a slew of new game titles from indie studios coming to the Switch by the end of the year.

    60 apps: Games weren’t the only new software unleashed during GDC 2018. Google announced this week that, since its ARCore development system is now up and running, five dozen AR-capable apps will be made available in the Play Store. Who’s ready to neglect a whole new generation of Tamagotchis?

    $200: The days of tripping over VR headset cords or piggybacking computers could soon be coming to an end thanks to the forthcoming Oculus Go. This head-mounted display is fully self-contained with its own power source and processor. Rumor has it that the device will hit the market this May, coinciding with Facebook’s F8 conference. Fingers crossed.

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