How to Install (and fix) ‘Beat Saber’ Custom Songs

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    If you’re a serious Beat Saber player, you probably installed the unofficial mod allowing for custom songs, and also probably realized that the v0.11.0 update this week made your custom songs disappear. If you didn’t already custom songs installed, you’ll definitely want to! This guide will show you how to install the unofficial Beat Saber custom songs mod and how to fix it after patch v0.11.0.

    The developers of Beat Saber are working on an official custom song editor, but the game’s community quickly beat them to the punch with a unofficial mods which works surprisingly well, allowing you to browse and install new songs from directly inside the game.

    The Beat Saber Mod Manager installs and updates the mods necessary to make this happen and it’s dead simple to install. Here’s how (an optional step below will fix the broken custom songs issue for those who had installed them prior to v0.11.0):

    1. Download the latest version of BeatSaberModInstaller.exe (1.9 at the time of writing).
    2. (Optional) If you installed custom songs prior to v0.11.0, open the Beat Saber directory and rename the ‘Plugins’ folder to ‘PluginsOLD’.
    3. With the game closed, launch the .exe, confirm that the game’s directory is correctly selected, then install the core mods (the ones checked by default, select extras if you wish). [the .exe may trigger a warning from Windows when you run it]

    Note: As of 7/19/2018, the only mods that are working are the core mods from the installer. You can run the installer again later to check for updates which may fix the other mods.

    That’s it. Now when you launch Beat Saber you’ll find a new button on the main menu which says ‘BeatSaver’, click this to browse and download new songs which will appear in the usual song list below the official songs.

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    Shout out to elliotttate on Reddit who provided the instructions, and the volunteer developers who have created these features and made it easy for the rest of us: xyonico, andruzzzhka, Umbranoxio, xyonico, taz030485, and other contributors and beat map makers!

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