If Gimbal and Go Fast videos have the same flight crew theories

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    I’ve been thinking about the new revelation that the Gimbal and Go Fast videos are from the same encounter (based on PRF data of “1688” and had some thoughts.

    1. Which video was first in the overall encounter? I want to presume it was Gimbal UAP (at roughly level with the FA/18 at ~25010ft). The audio of the pilots seem truly dumbfounded at what they are looking at. One mentions to look at the “ASA — there is a whole fleet of them!” Then amazement at it rotating.

    2. After the Gimbal video ends, possibly either the Gimbal UAP May have dropped altitude suddenly, disappeared completely or released these fast moving UAP orbs. I want to go with the latter as the Gimbal UAP was HOT and the Go Fast UAP was COLD. Although I must admit, maybe the Gimbal UFO was hot at high altitude and moving slowly — and if it dropped and increased velocity the UAP (through physics we don’t understand) converted to a cold profile.
    I also can’t rule out the very exotic possibility that the Gimbal UAP has technology to shrink its self on demand.

    3. if it’s the same UAP in both videos, could they really have the technology to shrink their craft?! This is mind blowing to me, because if true, how small can they shrink? Down to the level of DNA? (Remember that Martin Short and Dennis Quaid movie Innerspace?) Could they be in our bodies?! I’d say we have lots of interesting bio-technology in us by design, like the way our immune system works and how our bodies have crazy mechanism to duplicate DNA. Where does their shrinking limits end? The atom level? Quark level?

    4. If these UAP’s (and presumably their occupants) can shrink down to the atomic level, I bet they have a whole industry around atomic construction — meaning they could have literally placed atom by atom and modifiying the isotopes of those atoms to manufacture these exotic meta-materials that these UAP’s are presumably made of.

    5. If they were two different UAP’s but the same F/A-18 flight encounter, I wonder if they decided to chase one of the other hits of the “fleet of them” on their radar and decided to bug-out and try to catch one on auto-track.

    We really need more pilot interviews, especially the ones whom we hear the audio of.

    What do you guys think? Any other theories around what happened between the cut out video between the encounters that obviously the DOD didn’t want us to see?[

    I’d love to hear some theories that are reversed, where the Go Fast video encounter precedes the GIMBAL video (or anything in between)

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