Insomniac Games Teases New VR Project, Promising an Open World Adventure

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    Insomniac Games, developers behind The Unspoken (2017), Edge of Nowhere (2016), and Ratchet & Clank, showed off a sneak peek of their next VR game. While still unnamed, the studio is aiming to break boundaries with what they say is ‘an open world adventure.’

    The whole developer spotlight video (below) is pretty tight-lipped about what’s next, although the studio’s Principal Designer Duncan Moore says “[we wanted to] create really beautiful, immersive spaces and apply it to a new palette of open world adventure.”

    “In this new project, you’ll be able to go wherever you want,” says Nina Fricker, Insomniac’s Lead Technical Animator. Fricker continues: “To be able to bring that into the VR space is definitely the next evolution of what we’re going for.”

    The video’s description has a cryptic line too, saying “Reclaim Your World – June 7, 2018.”

    Although target platforms are still unknown, the video was published by Oculus, possibly pointing to a new Rift exclusive in the works. Both The Unspoken and Edge of Nowhere are exclusive to the Oculus platform.

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    No launch date is set yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see on June 7th for what Insomniac has planned next.

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