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It’s Raining Hot Dogs From Oscar Mayer WienerDrone

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    My unmanned aerial vehicle has a first name, it’s O-s-c-a-r. My unmanned aerial vehicle has a second name, it’s M-a-y-e-r.

    Meat maker Oscar Mayer this week introduced two new vehicles to its WienerFleet: the WienerCycle and WienerDrone.

    Since overhauling its recipe last month (promising to remove all added nitrates and nitrites, by-products, and artificial preservatives), the company has found fresh ways to deliver frankfurters to hungry folks across the country.

    Joining the iconic Wienermobile (first introduced in 1936), Oscar Mayer’s three-wheeled moped travels on land (with a sidecar that doubles as a warming station), while its unmanned aircraft is designed for remote location drop offs.

    “We’re going where other hot dogs can’t,” Greg Guidotti, head of Oscar Mayer marketing, said in a statement.

    “We’re committed to getting our new hot dog in everyone’s hands—and going to great lengths to do this,” he continued. “We know that was a job for more than our existing Wienermobile. So, we’ve expanded our Oscar Mayer fleet, ensuring every American can taste the new recipe because we believe everyone deserves a better hot dog.”

    Especially one that drops right out of the sky.

    The WienerDrone, with a maximum altitude of 1,200 feet (that’s 2,400 hot dogs lined up end-to-end), is what Oscar Mayer called “the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft.”

    WienerDrone in flight (via Oscar Mayer)

    Unless you’re stranded in the woods or starving on a desert island, it’s unclear why anyone would call a WienerDrone. The device carries only one sausage at a time across a distance of one mile, and its max flight time—with payload—is 15 minutes.

    The fully automatic WienerCycle, meanwhile, seats two (plus eight hot dogs), and boasts 8.5 horsepower and 80 mpg.

    Oscar Mayer did not reveal its intentions for the new UAV or moped; it remains to be seen whether the company will send WienerDrone squadrons to feed people in far-flung areas.

    The Wienermobile, however, is available for appearances: Follow @Wienermobile on Twitter for updates on its summer-long mission, and use the hashtags #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs #contest for a chance to win a stop along its route.

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