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Lets investigate Katy Perry!

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    So lets, i noticed KP was the first person to hit 100 million followers on twitter and she changed her profile pic to mark the occasion..…

    this is her profile pic…

    now most of her recent videos are laden with occultism and ancient Gods etc, there is so much for me to go through and to try and understand the message that she/they are trying to put out there, this woman has great power at shaping the thoughts of the young as do many of these young artists, like Bieber and Miley Cyrus, and they all seem to be pushing out (conditioning) the wrong message to young people…….. is there really a secret agenda to pollute the minds of the young, i don’t know, but it is all to suspicious to turn a blind eye to. so i am going to use this thread to keep tabs on and to try and put together the pieces, to find out if there is possibly a more nefarious agenda by KP and anyone else who are using the same coded messages… (triangles and the one eye etc)

    firstly lets look at the song “wide awake” by KP

    at the beginning it sure looks like she is saying she has went through a change, and she seems to be saying this new darker person is me now, because of the information she has been given… here’s the lyrics…
    I’m wide awake
    I’m wide awake
    I’m wide awake
    Yeah, I was in the dark
    I was falling hard
    With an open heart
    I’m wide awake
    How did I read the stars so wrong
    I’m wide awake
    And now it’s clear to me
    That everything you see
    Ain’t always what it seems
    I’m wide awake
    Yeah, I was dreaming for so long
    I wish I knew then
    What I know now
    Wouldn’t dive in
    Wouldn’t bow down
    Gravity hurts
    You made it so sweet
    Till I woke up on
    On the concrete
    Falling from cloud nine
    Crashing from the high
    I’m letting go tonight
    I’m falling from cloud nine
    I’m wide awake
    Not losing any sleep
    Picked up every piece
    And landed on my feet
    I’m wide awake
    Need nothing to complete myself, no
    I’m wide awake
    Yeah, I am born again
    Out of the lion’s den
    I don’t have to pretend
    And it’s too late
    The story’s…

    Remember she has 100 million followers.

    i would love to hear the views and input of others on this subject, while i continue to look further in to it.


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