Macron’s presidential portrait proves less popular than picture of rival’s kebab

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    French president Emmanuel Macron’s official photograph has been overshadowed online by a greasy photo of a kebab and chips tweeted by his former rival Benoît Hamon.

    The former socialist presidential candidate tweeted the picture of the takeaway meal along with the caption: “I cracked. #Hunger #ZeroRegime.”

    Something about the fat-laden fare struck a chord with Twitter users as the banal photo spread like wildfire online, receiving nearly 70,000 retweets and 60,000 likes.

    The soggy kebab proved far more popular than an official portrait that President Macron tweeted just a couple of hours later.

    Hamon placed fifth in the first round of April’s French presidential election, receiving six percent of the vote. Macron, meanwhile, won comfortably, landing nearly a quarter of all votes in the first round.

    Despite being less popular than a meat roll, Macron’s portrait did generate significant attention online, although not all of it was positive. Many alleged that the photo was doctored while others said he copied the pose from former US President Barack Obama.

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