Magic Leap Reveals 16 AR Experiences From Wacom, SketchUp, Wingnut AR, and More

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    Today at Magic Leap’s first creator conference the company has revealed a bevy of AR content built on the headset—some experimental, and some actually launching on the headset soon (or today)—but all up and running on real hardware.

    At Leap Con today I got treated to a bevy of new Magic Leap content. We’ll have deeper coverage of one some of these titles, but here’s a rundown of what the company is showing this week with official descriptions from the companies and studios behind the projects. Note that a few of the titles have been known to be in the works but haven’t been seen other than behind closed doors until today.

    Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders

    Image courtesy Weta Workshop

    Become one of the first people on Earth to experience Dr. Grordbot’s Invaders, the game-changing game by Weta Workshop. The evil robots have chosen this building, this very room to stage their invasion. And you’re the first, last, and only line of defense. So you better grab your trust ray gun and blast them right between the bolts.

    More on Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders

    ‘Unannounced’ by ‘AAA Game Studio’

    Something terrible has happened. Someone has made a terrible mistake. A galactic ecosystem has been destroyed. In this new and original IP by the creators and developers of several iconic game universes and amazing characters, players will help repair a dying galactic ecosystem with the help of a mysterious scout field kit.

    Luna: Moondust Garden by Funomena

    Luna: Moondust Garden is a playful extension of the award-winning, IGF-finalist VR fairytale, Lune, by independent game studio Funomena. This experience brings a new story from Bird and Owl’s charming forest directly into your living room through the wonders of Magic Leap technology. In Moondust Garden, players explore the storybook world of Luna from a new , intimate perspective by bringing its animals & forest right into their own reality. By planting and tending a variety f plants, flowers, trees, and islands within their physical space, players can create a lovely garden where Fox can come out to play.

    Brainlab: Survey and Medical Image Visualization

    Image courtesy Brainlab

    Experience the future of surgery and discovery new dimensions of medical images. Immerse yourself in a patient’s anatomy by taking a walk through the brain with larger than life views. Find yourself transported to a spinal surgery complete with virtual screens for microscope visuals and patient data including scans and vitals.

    Wingnut AR Pest Control

    Welcome to your first day on the job at Wingnut Pest Control! You’ll be wielding the most advanced, most powerful, most likely not to explode in your hand Wingnut Weaponry ever created! In a quest to rid the L.E.A.P. conference of anything creepy or crawly, do you have what it takes?!

    Star Wars: Project Porg by ILMxLAB

    Image courtesy ILMxLab

    More on Star Wars: Project Porg

    Wacom: Spatial Computing Creation Environment of the Future

    Magic Leap and Wacom, the industry leader for digital creative tools, has joined forces to take spatial computing to new heights. Experience a first look at the development opportunities that provide precision drawing, writing, and spatial visualization and manipulation in collaborative setting. What will you create?

    Onshape 3D CAD

    Image courtesy Onshape

    Onshape 3D CAD uses the power of Magic Leap One for professional product design. Users can see and interact with live 3D models during active design sessions. Multiple Onshape users can simultaneously participate using Magic Leap One, web browsers, phones, and tablets. The power of mixed reality CAD offers incredible promise to improve the way products are designed. Onshape is the first and only pure-cloud 3D CAD platform. Professional engineer at thousands of companies rely on Onshape to design all kinds of new products: Formula 1 racing cars, drones, medical robots, quantum computers—just about anything manufactured you see in our world.

    Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot

    Image courtesy Rovio, Resolution Games

    Spatial gaming meets Angry Birds! Enjoy all of the destructive physics-based Angry Birds gameplay in a way that brings the Angry Birds to life like never before. Angry Birds FPS takes the teetering towers of the classic Angry Birds games and drops them right in the middle of your living room. Walk around and inspect each level from all angles to find weaknesses in the igs’ defenses or discover hidden boxes of explosive TNT. The slingshot is in your hand—line up your shot, launch your birds, and bring the towers toppling down.


    SketchUp is renowned as one of the most powerful and intuitive design software used by architects, designers, makers, and visionaries to express their ideas in 3D. Mixed reality brings these 3D models to life and enables users to experience and interact collaboratively with design content in an instinctive and natural way. This powerful technology transforms the way we consume and convey information, accelerate the design evaluation process, improve coordination, and enhance communication. This demonstration provides attendees with an overview of a “one-click” mixed-reality workflow from the SketchUp modeling environment into Magic Leap One. The demo illustrates how an immersive, in-context experience facilities effective visualization of complex 3D environments and helps enrich the team understanding about the design and its interaction with the physical space.

    Wayfair Spaces

    Image courtesy Wayfair

    Wayfair Spaces is a design experience that presents users with a palette of room plans curated by Wayfair designers. Users can mix and match these designs to experiment with a multitude of products and ideas for their space. Each scene features products laid out harmoniously in room silhouettes, from contemporary living rooms to coastal kitchens to industry offices. Users can explore these mini-inspired scenes, pull products into their actual rooms and enjoy designing their space.

    Meow Wolf’s ‘The Navigator’ and Magic Leap Icons: Scale and Fidelity

    From the immersive artistry of Meow Wolf comes a whole new narrative fused with the latest in digital technology. Partnering with Magic Leap, ‘The Navigator’ gives fans a sneak peek into one of their newest exhibitions by introducing an entirely new world to their immensely popular dimensional multiverse. Eemia is a peaceful planet whose orbital stability depends on brace explorers called Navigators and their Mechs. When one of Eemia’s three suns exploded decades ago, the planet was pushed into an ever decaying orbit — becoming encased in ice. A new generation of navigators must lean to pilot the Mechs and save their planet from endless winter. Time is of the essence.

    Create v1.1

    Image courtesy Magic Leap

    Your digital playground just got more magical, with the new Create 1.1 update. We’ve added more cubes, more blocks, more characters and more imagination – enabling you to take your creativity even further. We’ve added Recorder Cube – a function that lets you import your own sounds and save your creations to revisit them at any time. There’s also a brand-new Magic Leap character making his way into the world of Create – join Astronaut as he explores all corners of your world and see what you can discover together.

    Super Zeros

    Meet Grishneck, a much maligned and disgruntled Orc that was originally destined for the big screen, but has instead been living out his days in a folder called “old assets” with a bunch of other rejected concept art and digital characters. With your help Grishneck can escape the confines of the computer and join us in the real world.

    Mica | The Royal Shakespeare Company & Magic Leap Present Seven Ages by William Shakespeare.

    I am Mica, the human center of mixed reality. In this experience I enter in a visual and gestural exchange to contemplate my place in your world. Using surrealist ideas of representation and reality I connect you with the culture that feeds me. ‘All the world’s a stage…’ so begins the seminal Seven Ages of Man speech by William Shakespeare: with spatial computing this has never been truer. Magic Leap has teamed up with the Royal Shakespeare Company to explore the future of theatrical performance. Together they will embark on a series of productions that imagine those possibilities. Here they present a groundbreaking theatrical performance on ML1 using cutting-edge experience capture with Shakesperian actor, Robert Gilbert, and an original musical score by award-winning composer, Jessica Curry.

    Air New Zealand’s Fact or Fantasy – The Fantastical Game of New Zealand

    Image courtesy Air New Zealand
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    A fun and mobile, shared mixed reality experience that has been designed to re-connect families and friends through the re-invention of the traditional board game and ritual of socially playing together within the same space. Air New Zealand’s Fact or Fantasy showcases New Zealand as a holiday destination through the augmentation of a physical 3D game board with a digital host, story, and competitive quiz game.

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