New York Times Publishes Fake North Korea News from Satirical Twitter Account

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    The New York Times issued a correction on Tuesday, admitting that it had reported as fact a Tweet posted on a satirical Twitter account that poses as the North Korean government.

    “The New York Times mistook a tweet from the North Korea parody account DPRK_News as real,” the Gizmodo online blog reported.

    The New York Times story that was published on Tuesday said:

    On Wednesday morning, [Kim Jong-un] taunted the United States, saying the launch was a Fourth of July ‘gift’ to the Trump administration,” the Times reported and then quoted the fake account.

    ‘We should send them gifts once in a while to help break their boredom,” [Kim Jong-un] said, according to the North Korean state-run news agency.

    The original New York Times story said: “On Twitter early Wednesday, the North Korean government belittled the joint exercise as ‘demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science,’” citing the fake Twitter account’s comment on the U.S. and South Korea responding to North Korea’s ballistic missile test with a military exercise along the Korean Peninsula’s east coast.

    The New York Times article about the North Korean missile launch now includes the following correction:

    Correction: July 4, 2017 

    View the original article:

    “Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article attributed incorrectly a Twitter statement to the North Korean government. The North Korean government did not belittle a joint American-South Korean military exercise as “demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science,” that statement was from the DPRK News Service, a parody Twitter account.”

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