Newspaper headlines: Housing shortage and missing Gaia

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    i front page
    Image caption The i leads on the prime minister’s plan to help young people onto the housing ladder by promoting house-building.
    Metro front page
    Image caption The Metro quotes Communities Secretary Sajid Javid as blaming older generations for keeping young people out of the housing market. It says Mr Javid claimed baby boomers oppose new developments while unfairly maligning young people’s spending habits.
    Mail front page
    Image caption The Daily Mail also leads on Sajid Javid’s housing comments and carries an image of missing teenager Gaia Pope.
    FT front page
    Image caption The FT covers the continuing anti-corruption drive in Saudi Arabia. It says the government is demanding that suspects hand over huge amounts of wealth in return for their freedom, aiming to replenish falling state funds.
    Express front page
    Image caption The Express leads on a study that says drinking three to five cups of coffee a day could reduce people’s chances of developing cirrhosis or liver cancer by 70%.
    Guardian front page
    Image caption The Guardian carries the apology issued by London’s Old Vic theatre after 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour were made against its former artistic director, Kevin Spacey.
    Mirror front page
    Image caption The Mirror alleges that Sylvester Stallone and his bodyguard forced a 16-year-old girl to have sex with them. The uncovered police report detailing the claim says the assault happened in Las Vegas in 1986. A spokeswoman for Stallone said the story was “ridiculous” and “categorically false”.
    Star front page
    Image caption The Daily Star says the makers of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity have orchestrated sexier scenes in this year’s series in order to win over fans of Love Island.
    Sun front page
    Image caption The Sun focuses on foreign aid, reporting ‘fury’ over funds being spent on juggling and eel conservation.

    The housing shortage makes a number of the front pages, along with the ongoing police investigation into the disappearance of teenager Gaia Pope.

    The Metro and the Daily Mail focus on Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, reporting that he blames “baby boomers” for difficulties faced by younger generations trying to join the property ladder.

    They say Mr Javid described the over-60s as having “no understanding” of the housing crisis facing the young, and insisted Nimbys would not be able to stand in the way of a “massive house-building drive”.

    The Mail says critics have called his remarks “patronising” and “divisive”.

    Cabinet divided?

    Prime Minister Theresa May’s pledge to enshrine the date of Brexit in law appears to be “unravelling”, reports the Times. It suggests that around 20 Tory MPs may be willing to vote against legislation fixing the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

    They’re said to have raised their concerns in what the paper describes as a “stormy” meeting with the chief whip.

    The Politics Home website says the justice secretary, David Lidington, has refused to rule out a U-turn and said he would “listen to ideas from colleagues across the house”.

    It calls his comments “a far cry” from what Mrs May said when she announced last week that the date would be “there in black and white on the front page of this historic piece of legislation.”

    Image copyright PA
    Image caption Labour said putting the Brexit date in law was a “gimmick” and the party would vote against it

    Meanwhile, the Financial Times says princes and businessmen being held in Saudi Arabia on corruption allegations are being pressed to hand over billions of pounds. The paper, which quotes sources close to the negotiations, reports Saudi authorities are seeking to take around 70% of suspects’ assets, in some cases.

    A number of the men are being held in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh following a dramatic move by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, it reports. The FT says many Saudis back the round-up, but foreign investors have been “spooked” amid concerns it’s a “selective purge”.

    The Daily Mirror leads with a sex assault allegation against Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone. The claim dates from 1986, when a 16-year-old girl is reported to have told police in Las Vegas that she didn’t want to press charges because she was “humiliated, ashamed and scared”.

    No action was taken against Stallone at the time. A spokeswoman for the actor said the story was “ridiculous” and “categorically false”.

    All that glitters

    Alex Salmond’s new talk show on the Russian channel, RT, is having “teething problems”, reports political website Guido Fawkes.

    According to the website, the show included the former SNP leader reading tweets “posted by a variety of dubious accounts”. It says one Twitter account didn’t exist; one hadn’t sent a tweet since 2009; and another was linked to an RT employee.

    The i says the former Scottish First Minister was condemned by several MSPs at Holyrood and accused of damaging Scotland’s reputation.

    And finally, several papers including the Sun say nursery children are being banned from sticking glitter on Christmas cards and decorations because it’s bad for the environment.

    View the original article:

    The Tops Day Nurseries chain tells the paper it took the action because the micro-plastic particles can be harmful to marine life. The Telegraph headline says the glitter ban “takes the shine off Christmas”.

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