North Korea accuses ‘old lunatic’ Trump of exploiting US student Warmbier’s death

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    North Korea has accused “old lunatic” Donald Trump of exploiting the death of US student Otto Warmbier, AFP reports. Warmbier was released in June after 17 months in North Korean custody and died in a US hospital a few days later.

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    US bans American travel to N. Korea after Sep 1, passport holders ordered out

    Warmbier suffered no torture during his detention, said North Korea’s foreign ministry spokesman as cited by KCNA news agency. The spokesman insisted that Pyongyang had provided medical care to the US student despite his “hostile acts“.

    Earlier on Wednesday Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco confirmed that Warmbier’s body had no evident signs of torture.

    “There is no evidence of trauma to the lower teeth or mandible on imaging or by physical examination,” Sammarco said. “Now, that being said, I will tell you that the forensic dentist did let me know that the front incisors often will have a rounded root and they will sometimes twist as they’re developing, but I’m not an expert on that. But I can tell you that we didn’t see any evidence of trauma to the teeth.”


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