Paedophile awarded compensation by Human Rights Commission

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    This is a shocker. And I’ve put this in general conspiracies because to me this is highly conspiratorial to say the least.

    The actual headline & linkification;

    Human rights commission orders Suncorp to compensate paedophile after it refused to hire him because of his criminal record – but the bank refuses to pay

    So, to summarize;

    Paedophile “A” applies online for a job with a bank.

    Bank offers Paedophile “A” conditional employment.

    Bank subsequently discovers that Paedophile “A” is in-fact a paedophile with a criminal record and rescinds the offer.

    Presumably Paedophile “A” complains about discrimination, and here we are.

    Now, what’s is really important here is that he lied on the application form, yep, a big fat lie. He answered NO to the following question;

    Have you been convicted of an offence.

    If no was true then that would be ok, however;

    Paedophile “A” has a criminal record that dates back to 2008, which included convictions of ‘use of a carriage service to access child pornography material’ and ‘possession of child pornography’. Paedophile “A” was sentenced to a year in jail and was suspended for two years.

    At this point I suspect most people would say, fair enough, the bank is perfectly right to conduct itself in the way it did.

    Unfortunately the president of the AHRC didn’t see it that way;

    Prof Croucher said in a statement, ‘Notwithstanding the very serious nature of Mr BE’s convictions, I find that Suncorp’s decision to deny Mr BE the opportunity to access employment with Suncorp constituted an exclusion which impaired Mr BE’s equality of opportunity.

    To me that’s a bit like committing murder, standing trial for murder and having the whole lot thrown out because the actual act of murdering was completely inconsequential.

    It goes on;

    ‘I accept that having a conditional offer of employment ­extended to him, and then ­rescinded on the basis of a criminal record that does not adequately relate to the ­inherent requirements of the role has caused … distress’.

    At this point it’s pretty hard to fathom the decision.

    So far the bank has and is refusing to pay any compensation, and I sincerely hope it remains that way.

    View the original article:

    It’s a pretty disgusting matter really and to me seems like an extraordinary attempt to humanise paedophiles.

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