Paper review: Palace ‘bust-up’ and rail fares increase

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    Image caption Monday’s Sun splashes on the Duchess of Sussex’ father, Thomas Markle, who says he fears he will be “locked out” from the Royal Family after giving a series of interviews to the press. Mr Markle, whose interview with the Mail on Sunday was published at the weekend, told the Sun that he wishes his daughter luck and does not expect to see or hear from her.
    Image caption Comments from the Duchess of Sussex’ family also make the front of the Mirror. The newspaper has spoken to Tom Jnr, her half-brother, who said the duchess had “changed” since marrying a prince. “They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg’s veins,” he told the paper.
    Image caption The top story in Monday’s Guardian is on train fares, which it says are expected to rise by 3.5% from next January. The paper reports that the increase – which depends on Office for National Statistics inflation figures due to be published this week – could add “hundreds of pounds” to the cost of some season tickets. It comes after more Northern rail cancellations on Sunday.
    Image caption The currency crisis in Turkey is the lead story for the Financial Times, which says President Erdogan has insisted his country will not back down after the lira plunged in value amid a dispute with the US. The Turkish president blamed the “storm” on a foreign “operation”. Meanwhile, new analysis by the FT has found a rise in low-wage jobs has held back Britain’s productivity growth.
    Image caption The Express leads on what it calls the “death of the High Street”, which it says is being “speeded up” as banks close their branches. Over 2,500 UK branches have closed since 2015, the paper says. Meanwhile, a photo of Boris Johnson offering tea to journalists – as he refused to answer their questions over his burka comments – features on the front.
    Image caption Boris Johnson also makes page one of the Telegraph – but not for the row over his burka comments which have dominated headlines recently. Writing his column in the paper, the former foreign secretary called on Theresa May to slash “absurdly high” stamp duty and ditch affordable housing targets.
    Image caption Meanwhile, the Times has spoken to some business experts about what they think of the government’s Brexit customs deal plan. One economics professor called the Chequers plan “fanciful” and questioned whether it would work in practice. The amount of goods needing extra checks would be much higher than the plan’s estimate, the paper says. Downing Street says the new plan fixed flaws in the original idea.
    Image caption The Daily Mail follows up on its story about Jeremy Corbyn, who it says attended a memorial service at a Tunisian cemetery where militants involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics attack are buried. The newspaper reports that widows of victims killed in the massacre have demanded an apology from the Labour leader. Labour says Mr Corbyn was at the event, in 2014, to commemorate Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike in 1985.
    Image caption The i newspaper leads with a warning from the head of the higher education watchdog who has told universities to improve the way they deal with students struggling with mental health problems. The Office for Students says the issue is “incredibly serious” and poor mental health is linked to “the pressures of expectation”.
    Image caption And the Star has some good news for sun seekers: the heatwave which left Britons sweltering last month could return for a “12-day sizzle”. But it says Storm Debby – an ex-tropical storm in the Atlantic – must pass first.

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