Rob Reiner: Voting Republican Is a Vote for the ‘Destruction of Democracy’

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    Film director Rob Reiner says that those who vote Republican at the upcoming midterm elections are endorsing the “destruction” of America’s democracy.

    In a tweet on Monday, Reiner made a rallying cry for people to vote for Democratic candidates instead of their Republican counterparts, who he described as sexist, racist, and anti-democratic.

    “Let’s be clear. At this point in our history, a vote for a Republican is a vote for institutional racism, sexism and a vote to enable the destruction of Democracy,” Reiner wrote on Twitter. “To Democrats: VOTE! To principled Republicans: VOTE DEMOCRATIC!”

    The 71-year-old filmmaker has previously called Trump a “mentally ill sociopath” inflicting “sickness” on America. As such, he has called on Republican “patriots” to take a stand and “end” his presidency, which he compared to the “last battle of the civil war.”

    It is also not the first time that Reiner has rallied his followers to vote Democrat in the midterm elections to prevent a possible collapse.

    “[T]he soul of democracy, we’re fighting for it right now and 2018, this November, I’m telling you, a lot is going to go — everybody says this every time, it’s the most important election — this really is,” he said in an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid last month. “If we don’t have a Democratic Congress that can at least start the hearings to shine some light on what’s been going on, this is the most corrupt presidency in American history.”

    However, the Stand By Me director admitted last month that Hollywood’s constant anti-Trump may actually be energizing his base.

    “You’re helping Trump by saying ‘Fuck Trump,’ because he can say ‘look at these people, these elitists,’” he said in an interview with The Hill. “There’s a very fine line between energizing the base and energizing the other side.”

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