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Scarborough: Trump Attacks on U.S. Press, Intel in Poland ‘Nothing Short of Disgusting’

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    Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough ripped President Donald Trump for his response to a question lobbying him to admit Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

    In response to the question, Trump said questions remained about claims by the media and U.S. intelligence findings. To raise those questions, which Scarborough perceived to be an “attack,” was “nothing short of disgusting” according to the “Morning Joe” host.

    “As we said before — you’re on foreign soil,” he said. “This is remarkable. I remember being very, very critical of former Majority Leader Harry Reid for attacking George W. Bush when he was in Russia — called him stupid or an idiot or something like that. I forget exactly what the words were. And for a sitting president of the United States, Willie, to be on foreign soil — we can’t really underline this enough — attack America’s intel community, on foreign soil and attack America’s free press on foreign soil, long seen by dissidents and others that are suffering in the prisons of autocrats as Ronald Reagan said, a city shining brightly on the hill for all the world to see — for him to attack American institutions two days after the Fourth of July on foreign soil, the day before we meet America’s chief adversary, is nothing short of disgusting.”

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