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    Why ‘Conspiracy Theories’ & Spirituality Are Intimately Connected

    Is it considered ‘not spiritual’ to talk about an elite or cabal running our world? This has become a commonplace today, and there is a great deal of ridicule that comes when people feel looking at the truth of what is playing out in our world is ‘crazy’ or a ‘negative’ thing to do. In fact, the ‘negative’ label on conspiracy theories we place is one of the biggest spiritual bypasses we can do. Let’s dive into this. The truth is, understanding the way our world truly functions and consciousness evolution (spirituality) go hand in hand. Why? Because it is ... Read More

    This Super Simple Breathing Technique Can Help Alleviate Anxiety & Depression

    The breath is one of the most underrated and under-utilized methods of healing. Breathing comes naturally to us, we do it without thinking, which is why it is not something we generally think of as a way to connect deeply with ourselves, calm our anxieties or even reach higher levels of consciousness. Something as simple as breathing can help those who suffer from severe mental conditions and those who have survived global disasters. There are many forms of breathwork, there is the well-known Holotropic Breathing, made popular by the Iceman himself, Wim Hof. There is another technique known as transformational ... Read More

    Chilling “Before And After” Photos Of Libya Go Viral

    In the year 2000, a Libyan man took several photos of himself situated at various spots across the city of Benghazi, Libya. 18 years later, he recently revisited the exact same locations to take photos of the spectacular, beautiful human trafficking laden, NATO liberated mess of modern day Libya under the rule of the United Nation’s backed regime. When we think about how western nations have gone into countries and destructed what they had, took over and ‘rebuilt’ as it’s often called, we have this image of something being done that is ‘right.’ What we don’t consider is all of ... Read More

    This Map Shows Which US Cities You Have The Best Chance Of Seeing A UFO In

    A team of researchers at examined data records pertaining to reported UFO sightings and mapped out where the highest concentrations of sightings are across the US. Although many other countries are hotspots for UFO activity, the US is one of the biggest hotspots, and there are several reasons for that. Editor David Sheldon stated, “While many of us are quick to dismiss UFOs as being the stuff of science fiction, there have actually been over 250,000 recorded sightings of UFOs in the USA alone. In addition, over 40,000 Americans are concerned enough about extra-terrestrial life forms to have taken out ... Read More

    Horsefly season: How to avoid being bitten

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    10 Ways To Boost Serotonin Levels Without Medication

    As defined by psychologists, a person has a major depressive episode when he or she has symptoms of major depressive disorder, including depressed mood or feelings of emptiness, hopelessness or irritability, that last for two weeks or more.  And, according to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), the number of people diagnosed with depression has increased by 450% since 1987. It is often recommended that we start taking a medication to reduce symptoms. However, medication often comes with sometimes dangerous side-effects. Here are some simple ways to feel happier without needing to take a pill. 1. Get Enough Vitamin B6 Foods ... Read More

    10 Quick & Nourishing Smoothie Recipes That Taste Great

    Have you ever compromised on a nourishing and filling breakfast because you are running late for work? Well, it has happened to all of us, especially women with kids. And the good news is, smoothies! That’s right! Smoothies are nutrient-rich, delicious and can be made within minutes. You can replace it with your coffee on-the-go as it is much more healthy, filling, and tasty. Here are 10 such smoothies prepared using a variety of fruits, veggies, and other ingredients. Some of the ingredients are rich in antioxidants, some are protein packed, and a few others are the best anti-inflammatory foods ... Read More

    What a load of crocs!

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    Work starts to upgrade Large Hadron Collider

    Image copyright Cern Work has begun on a major upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle smasher.The High-Luminosity LHC will make it possible to study the fundamental building blocks of matter in more detail than ever before.Cern, the organisation that operates the LHC, held a ground-breaking ceremony on Friday to mark the beginning of civil engineering works.The vast LHC is housed beneath the French-Swiss border, near Geneva.The upgrade will boost the accelerator's potential for new discoveries in physics, starting in 2026."The HiLumi project will allow us to get a lot more out of the LHC than we have been ... Read More

    Ten ways to cut down on plastics at home

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    Important Details To Consider As North Korea Commits To Denuclearization

    The first thing we should all consider, and something that should be downright obvious by now, is the fact that our perceptions of events and people are purely programmed into us by the machine that is mainstream media. When it comes to Donald Trump, historian Richard Dolan put it quite well, saying that: “It is important to understand why Trump was demonized. Sure, his character can make it easy. There is no shortage of narcissistic, sexist, or otherwise intense statements in his repertoire. But I have never, and will never believe, this is why he was demonized. Ultimately, Trump is a ... Read More

    Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here (Part 1)

    Of all subjects to venture into, writing about Lucifer could be among the most contentious of them all. Many readers will likely come into the discussion with pre-conceived notions and emotional triggers that are difficult to lay aside, even just for the amount of time it takes to read this article. But put them aside we must, if we are to have a fruitful conversation. I am not out to convince anybody about an opinion. I am out to elaborate upon an understanding of who and what Lucifer is that I find best explains the entire body of information that is ... Read More

    Prehistoric frogs in amber surface after 99 million years

    Image copyright Lida Xing Image caption The frogs are tiny, at about 2mm in length Frogs trapped in amber for 99 million years are giving a glimpse of a lost world.The tiny creatures have been preserved in sticky tree resin since the end of the Age of the Dinosaurs.The four fossils give a window into a world when frogs and toads were evolving in the rainforests.Amber from Myanmar, containing skin, scales, fur, feathers or even whole creatures, is regarded as a treasure trove by palaeontologists.Dr Lida Xing of China University of Geosciences in Beijing said it was a "miracle" find."In ... Read More

    Mars Opportunity: Rover ‘should ride out storm’

    Image copyright NASA Image caption Artwork: The Opportunity rover landed in January 2004 The American space agency says it is concerned but hopeful that its veteran robot rover on Mars can survive a big dust storm on the planet. The 15-year-old vehicle, known as Opportunity, has gone into an emergency mode because there is not enough sunlight reaching its solar panels to power onboard systems. All contact was lost at the weekend.The only function likely running off the batteries currently is a clock.The expectation is that the robot is using this timepiece to wake itself periodically to check whether skies ... Read More

    Every Bishop In Chile Resigned Over Sex Scandal. Are We Seeing The Implosion Of The Catholic Church?

    Last month, at the end of an emergency summit in Rome with the Pope, 34 Chilean bishops offered their resignation in the wake of revelations of sexual abuse of young boys and their complicity in covering up the crimes. These 34 represent every bishop in Chile, 31 active and 3 retired. Damage control at its finest. But is it too late? The Timeline  The timeline of this particular story, now part of a voluminous list of crimes of complicity within the Roman Catholic Church, runs as follows: 2011: Charismatic Chilean priest Rev. Fernando Karadima is removed from ministry and sentenced by the Vatican ... Read More

    Strange Illuminati & Masonic Symbolism Found In Several Powerful Corporate Logos

    In the old days, it was enough for an entrepreneur to be the owner of a corner store, plying their trade: butcher, baker, candlestick maker. If they brought competence to their trade, and sometimes a bit of innovation as required, they would have a good life. There was no pressure to grow, to branch out, to a franchise, to merge, to acquire. Sure there were rich industrialists at that time in history, but the ability to amass power through massive corporate growth was still in its infancy. Somehow, over time, we have stood by and watched as the entire landscape ... Read More

    UK rebuffed over Galileo sat-nav procurement

    Image copyright OHB Image caption Artist's impression: There are currently 22 Galileo satellites in orbit The UK space industry, fighting to be part of the European satellite-navigation system, Galileo, has suffered another Brexit setback.Delegations to the European Space Agency have approved the procurement of the next batch of spacecraft, despite British calls to delay.The decision means UK companies will find it hard to win any contracts. As it stands, no deal has been agreed between London and the EU-27 to allow Britain continued participation.Even if this is eventually negotiated, any decision will probably come too late for UK firms to ... Read More

    Would You Go Vegan To Save The World? New Study Suggests It’s The Best Option

    Congratulations! If you made it here to read this article it likely means you are a vegan, vegetarian, follow a plant-based diet or are at least legitimately interested in what you can do to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Thank you! Veganism has been on the rise over the past decade or so, and for good reason! Many people are starting to learn the truth about where meat and animal products actually come from, the health risks associated with a diet deense in animal protein and the profoundly devastating effects that modern agriculture and factory farming is taking on ... Read More

    Why The Ongoing Thimerosal (Mercury) Travesty Needs To End

    The lessons learned from the ongoing saga of thimerosal are significant to all who care about vaccine safety, want justice for the injured, and to prevent future harm. The government has said they corrected the thimerosal issue and want us to believe the case is closed. But has the public been fooled with swapping one heavy metal toxicity for another? While thimerosal is still in some flu shots and is especially harmful to pregnant women, infants and children, there are increasing amounts of aluminum exposures from vaccines as more shots are added to the schedule. Like early reports about mercury, ... Read More

    Top hat

    Image copyright Flock and Siemens A British team is developing a car that will be capable of reaching 1,000mph (1,610km/h). Powered by a rocket bolted to a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine, the vehicle aims to show its potential by going progressively faster, year after year. In mid-2019, Bloodhound wants to run above 500mph. In late 2019, the goal is to raise the existing world land speed record (763mph; 1,228km/h) to 800mph. And in 2020, the intention is to exceed 1,000mph. The racing will take place on Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape, South Africa.Some disappointing news and some good news over the ... Read More

    Whooping Cough Vaccines For Pregnant Women?

    What are pregnant women to do? Among the advice given to expectant mothers is to avoid alcohol, limit fish intake, and choose wisely when consuming cheese. So I am both astonished and saddened that young mothers-to-be are now advised to be vaccinated. The Australian Government recently announced it will provide the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine free to every pregnant woman in the country. The measure was included in the 2018 budget at a cost of $39.5 million ensuring that the vaccine becomes part of Australian National Immunisation Program. The DTPa vaccine is used to provide protection against three diseases, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis ... Read More