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    The Man The CIA Wants You To Forget

    Michael C. Ruppert was an ex-LAPD Narcotics Detective and whistleblower who came out against the CIA in the late 70’s. He claimed they tried to enlist him in protecting and helping to facilitate their drug running practices. When Ruppert declined involvement and came forward he said he was threatened, wrongly discredited, and even shot at, but that didn’t stop him from speaking up. “I will tell you, director Deutch, that as a former LosAngeles police narcotics detective that the agency has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time.” – Michael C. Ruppert At a now infamous town hall hearing ... Read More

    A Jury’s $289 Million Verdict Against Monsanto Might Be Overturned By The Judge

    Not long ago, school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson became involved in the very first lawsuit to go to trial alleging glyphosate causes cancer. The case made global headlines when the jury at San Francisco’s Superior Court of California deliberated for three days before finding that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks posed by its weed killers. We’ve seen the same issue with similar substances like DDT, which was sprayed for years before it was finally banned decades ago. The unfortunate thing is that DDT is still highly present in the environment and in our ... Read More

    The Morning After: Robot Dance

    And Twitter's iOS notifications got weird.Outage pulls the plug on YouTube Last night, all of YouTube's services -- including live TV and music -- went offline for a little over an hour. They did eventually return to normal, without much in the way of an explanation for what happened. Earlier in the day, Twitter pumped notifications full of nonsense to users on iOS, which the company eventually explained as a bug that made its background update codes visible for a short time. Well that's newHuawei's Mate 20 can wirelessly charge your buddy's phone Huawei's big phone launch event ... Read More

    Mental Health Disorders To Cost $16 Trillion Worldwide By 2030

    Pediatric vaccines represent a $40 billion dollar market, and with emerging studies showing numerous causes for concern, coupled with the scientific fraud we’ve seen conducted by multiple pharmaceutical giants, it’s imperative that we really start to question the medicines being prescribed to us, and the influence that the medical industry has on manufacturing these medicines as well as providing medical education. It’s truly a shame that for the majority of human history, various cultures developed and utilize natural medicines effectively, but with the birth of chemical medicine (via John D. Rockefeller), all of the traditional ‘hospitals’ were completely destroyed, along with their methods ... Read More

    7 Thought-Provoking Short Films You Can Watch Now For Free Online

    The world of film has always captivated me. Whether it be its ability to present a supernatural reality I’ll never get to experience, or its ability to accurately depict an emotion I can relate to, there really is something surreal about going to or staying in to watch a movie. And while the subscription numbers to popular film and television streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime certainly suggest that I likely don’t need to sell you on choosing to watch them, I do believe that a pitch needs to be made for the particular variety of them that I’m ... Read More

    Ian Kiernan: The man who wanted to clean up the world

    Image copyright Fairfax Media/Getty Images Image caption Ian Kiernan founded a global anti-litter campaignProminent environmentalist Ian Kiernan, the founder of an iconic Australian anti-litter campaign that expanded into a global success, has died aged 78. The round-the-world yachtsman began the Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World campaigns after being appalled by levels of ocean rubbish in the 1980s. In 1994, he famously helped come to the rescue of Prince Charles when a protester rushed at him, firing a starting pistol, on a stage in Sydney. Mr Kiernan had been enduring cancer. "While we will deeply miss Ian's guidance ... Read More

    A long walk: New insight into history of dogs and humans

    Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dogs have been going on walkies for a very long timeDogs were part of a key moment in human history - when our ancestors began trying their hand at farming. As the first farmers moved out of the Middle East, herding animals such as sheep and goats, dogs tagged along too, say scientists. The DNA evidence fills in some of the gaps in the story of how wolves became the dogs of all shapes and sizes that we know today. Farming began in what is known as the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East ... Read More

    US senator Elizabeth Warren faces backlash after indigenous DNA claim

    Image copyright Getty ImagesUS Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is facing a backlash after revealing a DNA test, which she says validates her claims of Native American heritage. The Cherokee Nation slammed the results for showing trace amounts of native DNA. US President Donald Trump later took to Twitter to taunt Ms Warren. Many analysts speculate that Ms Warren, whose heritage Mr Trump has often mocked, is running for president. Ms Warren has not claimed to be a citizen of any US tribal nation. "Even they don't want her," Mr Trump said on Tuesday in response to the statement by the ... Read More

    Epigenetic Memories Are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations, Game-Changing Research Reveals

    This article was written by the Greenmedinfo research group, from Posted here with permission. Until recently, it was believed that our genes dictate our destiny. That we are slated for the diseases that will ultimately beset us based upon the pre-wired indecipherable code written in stone in our genetic material. The burgeoning field of epigenetics, however, is overturning these tenets, and ushering in a school of thought where nurture, not nature, is seen to be the predominant influence when it comes to genetic expression and our freedom from or affliction by chronic disease. Epigenetics: The Demise of Biological Determinism Epigenetics, or ... Read More

    Brain Imaging Shows Autistic Brains Contain HIGH Amounts of Aluminum

    A study published earlier in 2018 should have made headlines everywhere, as it discovered historically high amounts of aluminum in autistic brains. The study was conducted by some of the worlds leading scientists in the field. Five people were used in the study, four males and one female, all between the ages of 14-50. Each of their brains contained unsafe and high amounts of aluminum compared to patients with other diseases where high brain aluminum content is common, like Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Of course, this caused people to downplay the study, citing a low sample group, but that’s not entirely a valid argument given ... Read More

    The ‘ugly duckling’ fossil from the deep

    Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mosasaurs were huge carnivores that swam 66 million to 80 million years ago The mosasaurs recently took a star turn in the Jurassic World movie, showing off the Hollywood version of their fearsome jaws.Now an "ugly duckling" from 85 million years ago is shedding new light on the giant marine reptiles that lived at the time of Tyrannosaurus rex.Scientists have long puzzled over how the diminutive fossil fitted into the family tree.They now think it was still developing the distinctive long snout of its clan.Takuya Konishi, a biology professor at the University of Cincinnati, ... Read More

    Catholic Church Ignores Pedophilia, But Bishop Warns Reiki & Energy Healing Are Satanic

    It is wisely said that, ‘you should clean up your own backyard first before you come running over to fix mine.’ Obviously, this wisdom continues to be lost on the clergy of the Catholic Church. According to this Irish News article, Catholic Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan has said he is establishing a “delivery ministry” of people who will attempt to rid others of the devil and warned that using reiki or other new-age healing methods could open one up to the possibility of encountering malevolent spirits. He said he had received “several requests” from people to help deal with evil forces. On the ... Read More

    Scientists Receive Green Light To “Resurrect The Dead” Using Stem Cells

    Death is a controversial subject in the medical field for many reasons. People rely on doctors to save them and their loved ones, but when fate has its way, the whole world can feel out of order. And while the death of a loved one may not feel final at first, we soon come to realize that, at least for the living who remain, it does mark an end. That’s why it seems like a controversial yet incredible move for a US biotechnology company called Bioquark to have been given permission to recruit 20 clinically dead patients and attempt to bring ... Read More

    Stephen Hawking Had One Last Warning About The End Of Humanity Before He Died

    In a collection of essays which will be published posthumously, the late Professor Stephen Hawking made an eerie prediction regarding the future of humanity. Professor Hawking, who died in March 2018 at the age of 76, suggested there would be a new superhuman race, on account of the wealthy elite editing their own DNA and that of their children; manipulating factors such as memory, resistance to disease, cognitive ability and longevity. The legendary theoretical physicist believed advances in genetic engineering could lead to a new superhuman species, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the rest of humanity. In an ... Read More

    Limo Owner Involved In Deadly NY Crash Worked For The FBI To Possibly Entrap Muslim Men

    Recently, a tragic limousine crash happened in New York, killing 20 people. Apparently, it was the result of poor maintenance and safety violations, something the company was known for, and something investigators discovered after the crash. The vehicle actually failed safety inspections a month prior to the accident and wasn’t even licensed to be on the road. It was also discovered that the owner of the company, a Pakistani immigrant by the name of Shahed Hussain, was an FBI informant who, according to Democracy now, has “a long history of entrapping Muslim men on behalf of the U.S. government.” Other establishment mouthpieces ... Read More

    The Remarkable Brainwaves Of High-Level Meditators

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    Measuring brainwaves while in altered states of consciousness is a fascinating way to see what happens to the brain during these states. It makes me feel that factors associated with consciousness exist separate from the brain, and that the brain is simply a receiver of this non-material input from some unidentified part of ourselves. When it comes to meditation, scientists have been able to measure the brainwaves of high-level meditators. They found that some meditators are consistently operating in the gamma brainwave range, approximately at 40Hz. I’ve written about the brainwaves of lucid dreamers before, and ... Read More

    WATCH: Boston Dynamics Robot Leaps Through Parkour Obstacle Course

    Robotics company Boston Dynamics released a video of its humanoid Atlas robot leaping through a parkour obstacle course this week. In the video, Atlas can be seen running over a log and jumping up a series of platforms. “Atlas does parkour. The control software uses the whole body including legs, arms, and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace,” Boston Dynamics explained in the description of the video. “Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the ... Read More

    One-Day Human Trafficking Sting Operation Locates 123 Missing Kids In Michigan

    In a press release from October 3rd, the US Marshal’s Service made the following announcement under the title ‘New USMS Child Recovery Unit Recovers 123 Children During 1-Day Operation’: Detroit, MI – The U.S. Marshals Service – Detroit Missing Child Recovery Unit, U.S. Marshals Service Sex Offender Investigations Branch, Michigan State Police and law enforcement officers from Wayne County agencies participated in Operation MISafeKid, a missing juvenile sweep to identify and recover missing children from the area with an emphasis on locating victims of sex trafficking. What I found of particular interest, in this case, is the emphasis being made that ... Read More

    Facebook Deleted 58 More Independent Media Pages Last Night

    On October 11, 2018, Facebook, in collusion with Twitter, removed more alternative and independent media pages from their platforms. Quality outlets like The Free Thought Project and AntiMedia have now joined the list of over 150 pages that have been removed. This has been going on since early 2018. Facebook has essentially been removing pages of dissenting voices. Whether they are on the left or the right, it doesn’t seem to matter. If there is anything remotely extreme in their position, or it is sufficiently discordant with the mainstream voice, they appear to be getting targeted. The fact that Twitter goes along with ... Read More

    Rothera wharf ‘kit of parts’ heading to Antarctica

    Image copyright BAS Image caption The current wharf at Rothera is too small for the new BAS ship to moor An international team of builders is preparing to ship an entire kit of parts from the UK to create a new wharf in the Antarctic.The work is part of the £100m upgrade of the Rothera research station to accommodate its new vessel, the RSS Sir David Attenborough.Almost 4,000 tonnes of equipment and materials will be shipped 6,835 miles (11,000km) next month.Project manager Martha McGowan described it as a "unique experience".The 50-strong team, from construction giant BAM, will spend two Antarctic ... Read More

    South Africa’s ancient lost city of Kweneng rediscovered by lasers

    Archaeologists using laser technology have rediscovered an ancient city outside South Africa's commercial capital of Johannesburg. The settlement, which dates back to the 15th Century, was home to up to 10,000 people from the Tswana ethnic group. Their descendants are now fighting to have the city of Kweneng recognised as their homeland. Video producers: Glenn Middleton, Nomsa Maseko and Vauldi Carelse. ... Read More

    Norfolk man who illegally hoarded 5,000 rare eggs faces jail

    Image copyright RSPB Image caption Police seized display cases of rare bird eggs from Daniel Lingham A man who illegally collected more than 5,000 rare bird eggs has been warned he faces jail.Daniel Lingham, 65, was spotted "head-to-toe in camouflage gear" picking eggs up off the ground at Cawston Heath in Norfolk in May.Norwich Magistrates' Court heard he was searched by police, who then visited his home and found thousands of eggs.Lingham, of Newton St Faith, Norfolk, admitted five offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.Officers found a total of 5,266 eggs of species including nightingales, nightjars, turtle doves, ... Read More