Strange Illuminati & Masonic Symbolism Found In Several Powerful Corporate Logos

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    In the old days, it was enough for an entrepreneur to be the owner of a corner store, plying their trade: butcher, baker, candlestick maker. If they brought competence to their trade, and sometimes a bit of innovation as required, they would have a good life. There was no pressure to grow, to branch out, to a franchise, to merge, to acquire. Sure there were rich industrialists at that time in history, but the ability to amass power through massive corporate growth was still in its infancy.

    Somehow, over time, we have stood by and watched as the entire landscape has changed, and have been persuaded by promises of ‘progress’, ‘efficiency’, and ‘prosperity’ to allow monstrous corporations to completely take over, and control not only the flow of goods and services into our lives, but more insidiously, our very perception of reality.

    The Fate of Successful Startups

    Of course, when a new company is suddenly born out of an original idea, they are not yet part of this corporatocracy. In their startup phase companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google put all of their focus on their particular trade. Apple was driven to create a better operating system for computers. Facebook was simply about pictorially connecting people online; Google concerned itself with the search engine algorithm that would connect people efficiently to the online information that they wanted. Their simple, even goofy names suggest a casual irreverence for authority and the established order. Now they have become it.

    This does not appear to have been their original plan. But because of the corporatocracy we live in, they were slowly taken over by (or merged into) the corporate financial elite, to be used as tools for a bigger agenda. It usually goes something like this: a startup shows some promise, and through their own initiatives begin to create a market for themselves. The corporatocracy lies in wait, and may even put out a few feelers, sending people in to keep tabs on the company. If the company continues to grow, the corporatocracy comes in with significant offers of financing, talking about the value of repositioning the product or service that can bring the owners a whole lot more revenue and power. Eventually, by hook or by crook, they buy out or otherwise take over the company, merge its assets into a larger pool and leave the original owners to be either pushed out to the periphery or remaining in a seat of undreamed-of power, as long as they support the agenda of the corporatocracy.

    How do we know when this has happened? People within the company often notice the change of focus, a different attitude, a new mandate. But we don’t necessarily have to be insiders to know what’s happening–we may not need to look any further than the symbolism that appears in company logos.

    Masonic Influence

    A shift in symbolism, subtle as it may be–from the original representations of the product or service itself into well-known, timeless archetypal representations–gives us a clue about what is going on. If these archetypal symbols are part of a body of ‘dark’ knowledge or black magic–the kind of knowledge that focuses on how to control and dominate individuals or groups of people–we can start to see the pieces falling into place.

    For example, it has been suspected that the powerful financial elite had long ago hijacked Freemasonry and taken it over as one of the fundamental intellectual platforms for their agenda. While it is said that Freemasonry originally was a positive force, which sought to bring deep and exquisite knowledge about human psychological, social and spiritual development to bear on the growth and maturation of humankind, this deep knowledge could also be used to enslave humanity, if used in hidden and perverse ways.

    When we begin to see Masonic symbols encroaching into company logos, it appears that this dark group is putting into plain sight that they are now in control of the company. Below we see signs that Apple, Facebook and Google have all seen slight changes in their logos that more closely resemble well-known masonic symbols.

    Our Freedom of Choice

    One thing that must be understood if a bigger picture is to be gleaned from all this, is that in our world–more properly, in our universe–our free will needs to be respected. This is similar to the ‘prime directive’ we hear of in Star Trek. How it applies to this situation is the notion that in order for dark knowledge/black magic processes to work at all, the people who are affected need to give their consent, need to approve of, or otherwise ‘choose’ to allow themselves to be controlled or enslaved by dark powers. Perhaps you don’t agree with this, but if you consider it as possible for a moment it will help you make sense of what is going on.

    I don’t know exactly what the impact of these archetypal symbols is. Although we can go onto the internet and ascertain a ‘meaning’ for each one, I think the meaning and impact of each has many layers. Likely only a 33rd-degree mason really has all the answers on that. But my sense is that the traditional Masonic symbols have their own niche in our collective unconscious, one that bestows on the companies that are represented by them a certain prestige, a certain sense of legitimacy, of authority. And these feelings work at a level below consciousness, and have the most power when we do not directly confront these symbols, but rather when we simply see them peripherally in the background. Putting these symbols out overtly is the dark group saying ‘You have been alerted to who we are. By using our products and services, you are consenting to our means and methods of controlling you.’

    Breaking The Spell

    Just looking squarely at these symbols, shining the light of our consciousness on them, and being aware of some potential intentions behind them, is how we begin to break the spell. But that is just the start of the consciousness work to overcome the dominance of dark forces controlling our world. We need to be clear that none of these companies are our authority, nor should we bestow upon them our trust or give our consent to them to carry out their agenda. For it should be clear, for those of us who are participating in our awakening to the truth, that the agenda of big companies in the corporatocracy is to infiltrate our privacy and sovereignty in ways that further lead us towards our enslavement.

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    It becomes important, then, to realize our CONSENT to what they are doing is their greatest power, and the process of removing all consent to the control of outside powers is what will ultimately bring humanity the experience of individual and collective sovereignty we are thirsting for.

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