The app changing the dating scene for India’s disabled people

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Inclov - standing for inclusive love - is a dating and social app created for people with disabilities In India, people with disabilities are often invisible in day-to-day life, despite numbering tens of millions. Here, the BBC's Ayeshea Perera meets the makers of Inclov, ... Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts ‘Little Wet Noodle’ Trump over Putin Presser

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to lambast President Donald Trump’s joint press event with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “President @realDonaldTrump, remember, America first,” the tweet reads. Above it, a 45-second video takedown of Trump’s presser alongside Russian president Vladimir Putin. President @realDonaldTrump, remember, America first. — Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) ... Read More

Far-Left Sleeping Giants Demands Twitter Censorship After Founder Matt Rivitz Revealed

Far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in harassing the advertisers of conservative media organizations, is now complaining to Twitter about alleged harassment after its anonymous leader, Matt Rivitz, was revealed. Sleeping Giants, along with other far-left groups like Media Matters for America, aims to drive conservative media off the ... Read More

Election interference to be sniffed out by early-alert system

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Joe Biden joined the organisation developing the election-monitoring tool in May An early warning system to spot attempts to subvert elections is being developed by an organisation backed by former US Vice-President Joe Biden.The not-for-profit Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity was created to combat ... Read More

Wirecutter’s best Amazon Prime Day deals: the PM edition

Mackie CR3 Street price: $100; deal price: $80 Although we've seen this set of speakers at an all time low of $70, that's a somewhat rare discount. Consistently priced at $100, we've seen these speakers at $80 multiple times and it's the lowest price we've seen within the past six ... Read More

‘Alto’s Odyssey’ lands on Android for free next week

It worked. Alto's Adventure has been downloaded 36.5 million times on Android, with 647 billion play sessions total, Snowman founder Ryan Cash told Engadget. Over the past three months, Alto's Adventure Android players have logged on for an average of 13 million sessions a day across 1.5 million devices. Keep ... Read More

Ocean Solutions Accelerator names its first wave of conservation startups

Early this year the Sustainable Oceans Alliance announced it would be starting its own accelerator with a focus on conservation. The nonprofit has just announced the Ocean Solutions Accelerator’s first wave of startups: a particularly varied and international lineup that’s easy to root for. You may also remember that the ... Read More

Watch: Tech Giants Can’t Answer Rep. Gohmert on Foreign Propaganda Aside from Russia’s

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) grilled representatives from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter about whether or not foreign powers aside from Russia use their platforms to spread propaganda — none of the Masters of the Universe were able to answer the question. Rep. Louie Gohmert pulled no punches today, grilling representatives from ... Read More

The Masters of the Universe to Congress: We Love Free Speech

Executives from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube testified Tuesday in Washington, D.C. before a House Judiciary Committee hearing that their companies support free speech and expression. They further denied their companies’ use of political censorship of their users’ conduct. Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at Facebook, described her company ... Read More

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos beats Bill Gates in new rich list

Image copyright Getty Images Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now worth $150bn (£113bn), according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.Jeff Bezos's net worth has increased by over $60bn in the last 12 months, which makes him the world's richest man.This places his worth higher than that of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, ... Read More

Damage Control: Joe Walsh Calls Trump ‘Traitor’ After Sacha Baron Cohen Humiliation

Former Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh fired off angry tweets for hours Monday, calling President Donald Trump a “traitor” — which conveniently blunted a wave of mockery after he appeared on a comedy series unironically calling to arm four-year-olds with mortars. Walsh, who began his Twitter tirade as Trump spoke ... Read More

Watch Live: Congress Questions Facebook, Twitter, YouTube over Censorship

Lawmakers hold a second hearing into social media censorship Tuesday on Capitol Hill. The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing “will specifically look at concerns regarding a lack of transparency and potential bias in the filtering practices of social media companies,” according to a press release issued Friday. The hearing, scheduled to begin ... Read More

Facebook moderators ‘keep child abuse online’

Image copyright Reuters Graphic videos showing children being abused remain on Facebook despite numerous requests to have them removed, an undercover film has suggested.Moderators also do not remove posts that violate hate speech and routinely ignore posts from children who may be under-age.The allegations are made in a Channel 4 ... Read More

Facebook moderators ‘keep child abuse online’

Image copyright Reuters Graphic videos showing children being abused remain on Facebook despite numerous requests to have them removed, an undercover film has suggested.Moderators also do not remove posts that violate hate speech and routinely ignore posts from children who may be under-age.The allegations are made in a Channel 4 ... Read More

Nuraphones update adds noise-cancellation and ‘transparency’ mode

Today, the Nuraphones are getting a serious upgrade, for free, and it's as simple as a firmware update. The "G2" software brings -- among other perks -- Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and "Social Mode" (sometimes known as audio-transparency -- allowing you to hear the world around you without taking the ... Read More

‘Virtual reality cured my fear of heights’

Image copyright Fay Nugent Image caption Fay celebrating her achievement at a rooftop bar Fay Nugent developed a fear of heights in her 30s. "It began after I went on a girls' weekend away," she says."We had gone on an adventure activity called a tree-top walk. "I managed to climb ... Read More

Aliens killed by spelling mistake in 2013 Colonial Marines game

Image copyright SEGA An infamously dreadful 2013 Aliens video game is now believed to have fallen victim to the most chilling of threats in the universe: a typo.Aliens: Colonial Marines was released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to terrible reviews.Many of them mentioned how badly the artificial intelligence ... Read More

KKR agrees to buy stake in AppLovin at $2 billion valuation

(Reuters) - Private equity firm KKR & Co (KKR.N) said on Monday it will acquire a minority stake in AppLovin Corp for $400 million, just months after the U.S. mobile marketing firm was forced by Washington to scrap a deal to be acquired by a Chinese buyout firm. The KKR ... Read More

‘FIFA 18’ correctly predicted France’s World Cup win

EA ran a simulation this past May that called France as the eventual winner of the real World Cup, using free Russia World Cup DLC available in April. The company also tallied up stats from the 406 million virtual games played by FIFA 18 owners, including one billion goals and ... Read More

Uber investigated over gender discrimination

Image copyright Getty Images Ride hailing firm Uber is being investigated by US authorities over a complaint about gender discrimination, the BBC understands. As first reported in the Wall Street Journal, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began investigating the firm in August 2017.Investigators have been interviewing former and ... Read More

British Cave Rescue Hero Considers Lawsuit Against Elon Musk After ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet

The British cave rescue hero that was called “pedo guy” by Elon Musk has stated that he is considering suing the billionaire. British cave rescuer Vern Unsworth was attacked on Twitter by Elon Musk, including being called “pedo guy” in a since-deleted tweet, after Unsworth criticized Musk’s plan to save children stuck in ... Read More

Kodak Bitcoin mining ‘scam’ evaporates

Image caption The Kodak KashMiner appeared at CES in January The company behind a Kodak-branded crypto-currency mining scheme has confirmed the plan has collapsed.In January, a Bitcoin mining computer labelled Kodak KashMiner was on display on Kodak's official stand at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.But critics labelled it ... Read More

How this Grand Theft Auto stream is highlighting US gun crime

Image copyright Getty Images We hear a lot about how video games are to blame for violence, but how about a video game project that highlights violent gun crime in American society?That's what Professor Joseph DeLappe is trying to achieve with his Grand Theft Auto livestream, Elegy.Elegy is a "hacked" ... Read More

How artificial intelligence is transforming tennis

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After Math: Stage 4 capitalism

$150: Want to know everything about the inner workings of America's autonomous death machines? With help from the dark web, you can now buy information on them for less than the price of a Playstation. $10: World Cup fans rejoice! Instead of being able to watch the second half of ... Read More

Rolls Royce develops propulsion system for flying taxi

Image copyright Rolls-Royce Image caption The EVTOL could carry four to five passengers for 500 miles, Rolls-Royce says Engine maker Rolls-Royce has designed a propulsion system for a flying taxi which it says could take to the skies as soon as early next decade.The British firm said it had drawn ... Read More

The High Cost of Catering to SJWs on Campus: Dwindling Enrollment and Finances

Over the last few years, a select few schools around the country have shown the high cost of catering to the demands of partisan activist groups and mobs of social justice warriors. Schools like Evergreen State College, the University of Missouri and Oberlin College are all notorious for their tendency ... Read More

Ghanaian boys use cassavas to generate electricity

Ghanaian brothers James and Kwesi Ansah have come up with a novel way to use waste generated from cassavas. They use the root vegetables to create electricity that can power radios and mobile phones in their village in eastern Ghana.A BBC Africa One Minute Story by Favour Nunoo ... Read More

Honda will use electric bikes to test swappable batteries

Honda, Panasonic and a local Indonesian partner are hoping to prove that the Mobile Power Packs can address common issues associated with electric vehicles, such as range and charging time. The plan is to install charging stations at dozens of locations, all of which will be charging several power packs ... Read More

Lockheed Martin creates its largest 3D-printed space part to date

Titanium is an ideal material for the industry, because it's lightweight and can withstand the harsh conditions of space travel. However, manufacturers end up wasting 80 percent of the material using traditional manufacturing techniques -- plus, each component could take years to build. Rick Ambrose, the company's executive VP, said ... Read More

U.S. Army Setting Up Futures Command in Tech-Savvy Texas Capital

The U.S. Army is standing up the Army Futures Command in Austin, the capital of Texas, in its first major reorganization in more than forty years, Army leaders announced on Friday. The new command will consolidate all Army efforts to prepare for war fighting, from planning to developing future combat ... Read More

Facebook fine ‘reflects magnitude of breach’

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Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen: No Sign Russia Targeting Midterm Elections at Scope of 2016

Russian interference in the run-up to U.S. midterm elections has dramatically decreased since President Donald Trump took office, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Saturday. Speaking at a convention of state secretaries of state in Philadelphia on voter registration and election cybersecurity, Nielsen highlighted the Trump administration’s efforts to further protect state ... Read More

China auto firms to set up ride-sharing platform

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Chinese firms FAW Group, Dongfeng Automobile and Chongqing Changan Automobile have set up a venture to establish a ride-sharing platform, Changan said on Saturday, creating the kind of service pioneered by Uber. “The three major car companies have joined forces to enter the field of shared travel, ... Read More

Surplus energy rides the ‘gravity train’

Power grids encounter varying levels of demand throughout the day. When demand is light, excess energy is produced. The challenge for energy companies is finding ways to store this energy, so it can go back into the grid when demand is high.But a company in California, US, thinks it may ... Read More

Amazon on Track to Control 50 Percent of U.S. E-Commerce Market

Amazon, the online retailing giant founded by Jeff Bezos, is fast approaching capturing 50 percent of the U.S. e-commerce market, according to data research firm eMarketer. The company is forecast to hit sales of $258.2 billion by the end of 2018, a roughly 30 percent increase from the previous year. Amazon captured approximately ... Read More

ZTE inches closer to resuming business in US

Image copyright Getty Images Chinese tech giant ZTE has signed an agreement with the US clearing the way for it to resume business in the country.Once ZTE makes a $400m (£303m) security deposit, an order to lift the ban will be issued, the US Commerce Department said.ZTE was blocked from ... Read More

The best VPN service

What you should do before considering a VPN Most people leave their privacy and security vulnerable in ways that are easier to fix with methods other than signing up for a VPN—methods that are potentially more effective. If you have a drafty house with paper-thin walls and halogen light bulbs, ... Read More

Chrome OS on a tablet doesn’t make a lot of sense

Multitasking Booting up the Chromebook Tab 10 feels familiar. There's a quick setup process that involves getting the tablet on a WiFi network and signing in with a Google account. Since I've used other Chromebooks, the Tab 10 pulled in all the apps I've pinned to my shelf and downloaded ... Read More

Twitter ‘shuts down millions of fake accounts’

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Bots on Twitter are easy to spot and can be quickly shut down, say experts Twitter has shut down up to 70 million fake and suspicious accounts since May, according to the Washington Post.The suspensions and shutdowns were part of a concerted effort by Twitter ... Read More