YouTube Bans The Daily Mail For ‘Violating Community Guidelines’

Daily Mail by Allum Bokhari17 Mar 2018 17 Mar, 201817 Mar, 2018 YouTube has banned the official channel of The Daily Mail, one of the United Kingdom’s longest-running tabloid newspapers. Users navigating to the newspaper’s official YouTube page as of Saturday evening (EST) are greeted by a page informing them that the ... Read More

What does the inside of your knee sound like?

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‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Bashed After Saying Stephen Hawking Now ‘Free from Physical Constraints’

Actress Gal Gadot has attracted criticism after suggesting that the influential scientist Stephen Hawking is now “free of any physical restraints” following his death earlier this week. Hawkins, who was one of the world’s most renowned theoretical physicists, died at age 76 after suffering over 50 years from motor neuron disease, ... Read More

The Infiniti QX80 is too pricey to have this little tech

As people generally opt for larger cars and SUVs, the luxury SUV is edging out the high-end sedan as the opulent vehicle of choice. Typically, these lavish cars are where the latest tech lands first. If you're paying a premium, your entire experience should be premium -- from the wood ... Read More

NanoMap: How uncertainty helps this drone fly

A drone which uses models of uncertainty to help it fly has been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).The NanoMap system uses depth-sensing technology to measure the environment around it and allows the drone to avoid hitting objects while flying at speeds ... Read More

Paralympics ‘pit lane’ where athletes get repairs

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Inside Google’s plan to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto

Sidewalk Labs believes its dual expertise in technology and urban design makes it different. The company is based in New York rather than Silicon Valley to distill a sense of city living in its employees. That DNA also shaped its bid and, consequently, the ideas that it's pushing forward for ... Read More

Standalone Oculus Go headset could debut at Facebook’s F8 event

As Hugo Barra explained in January, standalone headsets are necessary to push the company's vision of social VR. He said "It's the idea of having a completely self-contained product that you can just put on and start using it. You can do everything in one step." While other VR headsets ... Read More

Virtual cash helps cyber-thieves launder money, research suggests

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cyber-thieves are moving away from Bitcoin to other digital cash systems, suggests research Crypto-currencies and digital cash systems have become a key way for cyber-thieves to launder stolen funds, suggests research.Alongside its use in ransomware, virtual cash was also helping clean up other sources ... Read More

London wheelchair travellers get Google Maps help

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWhen step-free on the Tube isn't actually step-freeWheelchair users travelling in London and other worldwide cities on public transport can now get accessibility information from Google Maps. Users will be able to filter for "wheelchair accessible" advice when planning journeys in the ... Read More

‘#WarGames’ is the ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ of interactive cinema

"We kind of riffed on the idea of video conferencing, of video chat," Barlow said. "And there were some great examples of a few particular sites where members of some of these hacking groups would hang out in video chat just to kind of shoot the shit and socialize. When ... Read More

Vanguard I has spent six decades in orbit, more than any other craft

The first two attempts to launch the first Vanguard satellite failed, but on March 17th, 1958, Vanguard I was successfully placed into orbit. It was manufactured by the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), which published a lookback this week honoring the satellite's 60 years of service, and was part of ... Read More

Camelot warns of ‘low level’ National Lottery hack

Image copyright Camelot National Lottery owner Camelot has warned of a "low level" cyber-attack that affected 150 customer accounts.It has asked all of its customers to change the passwords on their accounts as a precaution.The hackers used credentials gleaned from a list circulated on the internet to get into the ... Read More

Biohacker fined for travel card implant

Image copyright Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow / Facebook A biohacker in Australia has been fined A$220 (£120, $170) for removing the chip from a travel card and implanting it into his hand.Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow (real name) also has to pay A$1,000 in costs.The case was brought by the New ... Read More

Ford’s Co-Pilot360 tech will make driver-assists standard equipment

Let's run through these features, shall we? The emergency braking system was designed to keep you from hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle because you weren't paying attention to the road, or someone jumped off the sidewalk in front of your bumper. Ford says that before the auto-brake kicks in, ... Read More

The Morning After: Toys ‘R’ Us is shutting down

Free two-day shipping wasn't enough?Leaked Amazon figures show TV drives millions of Prime signups Reuters is reporting that it has obtained leaked documents that, if true, will shed plenty of light on at least one part of Amazon's business -- Prime Video. If you thought Amazon was keeping quiet because ... Read More

Rotten ideas

Image caption Michael Minch-Dixon's fruit snack packets will rot away harmlessly on a compost heap Plastic is one of the world's favourite packaging materials - it's cheap, practical and hard wearing. But its durability is part of the problem. Plastic pollution is now a huge issue and consumers are increasingly ... Read More

Uber changes app following TfL concerns over licensing

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Transport for London said it welcomed the move ahead of an appeal hearing in June Uber London has made changes to its app to "make it clearer" to passengers its drivers are licensed by Transport for London (TfL) and it accepts requests for rides before ... Read More

Wirecutter’s best deals: Save over $200 on a 13-inch MacBook Pro (2017)

Motorola Moto G5 Plus 64 GB Street Price: $250; Deal Price: $210 In recent months, Amazon has had some nice offerings for Prime members. Not least on the list was the removal of lock-screen ads for its discounted exclusive phones, offering the same discounted pricing as before sans-ads for those ... Read More

Time limit ‘protects YouTube moderators’ from disturbing content

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption YouTube plans to employ 10,000 more moderators to address violent and unsuitable content Workers employed to sift through and remove disturbing content on YouTube will be limited to doing so for four hours per day.YouTube had made the change to protect their mental health, ... Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z anime game banned in the UK

Image copyright PQube Image caption The game is the first to be banned in the UK for almost a decade PlayStation game Omega Labyrinth Z has been banned from sale in the UK because it "promotes the sexualisation of children".The Video Standards Council said the "likely harm" it would do ... Read More

Nest’s $229 video doorbell is a useful addition to its ecosystem

As its name suggests, the temperature sensor works in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat (and the Nest Thermostat E) to let you control the temperature in individual rooms. If you set one in the bedroom, for example, you can then configure the Nest app to esnure that room is colder ... Read More

The Morning After: Drake plays some ‘Fortnite’

Just what we needed.Logitech's G560 gaming speakers add synchronized ambient lighting Logitech G's latest PC speakers aren't just focused on sounding good -- they can also create a light show around your desk with four RGB LED lighting zones, which can display around 16.8 million colors. Together with Logitech's Gaming ... Read More

Amazon Japan offices raided in competition probe

Image copyright Getty Images Amazon Japan said its offices have been raided by the country's fair trade regulator on suspicion of anti-trust violations. The online retailer is suspected of asking suppliers to shoulder costs incurred for selling their products at a discount, according to media reports. The firm said it ... Read More

Facebook-WhatsApp data-sharing plan blocked by UK watchdog

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn in 2014 Facebook has been prevented from making use of UK citizens' WhatsApp data for purposes beyond the chat app itself.The firm had announced in 2016 that it intended to tap into its subsidiary's records to give better friend ... Read More

The Tesla Model 3 is a love letter to the road

Tesla’s Model 3 is making progress heading out to customers (though not as much as either Tesla or those on the waiting list would like) and as a result, we got a chance to spend some time in one of the new production models that just rolled off the line ... Read More

I took a break at SXSW to listen to an ‘audio-based movie’

Audiojack's app has been available for years, but Tobin told Engadget he's making a concerted effort to launch the service this SXSW. He's been working with hospitals, research institutions and charitable organizations to bring sound movies to kids and the elderly and investigate the benefits they bring. Audiojack conducted a ... Read More

Twitter pushes trending news to the top of your feed

This morning, I woke to find the news of Stephen Hawking's passing at the top of the Twitter feed on my iPhone, but thought nothing of it; it felt like a natural Twitter feature. Buzzfeed notes that other top news today (the congressional special election in Pensylvania and a lawsuit ... Read More

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and Former President Ramesh Balwani Charged with Massive Fraud

The CEO of blood-testing company Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, has been charged alongside the company’s former President Ramesh Balwani with “elaborate, years-long fraud” by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Washington Post reports that the CEO of blood-testing company Theranos has been charged with massive fraud alongside the companies former president. Theranos ... Read More

Boston Area Students Show Up to School on Snow Day to Protest for Gun Control

getty/Scott Olsen by Tom Ciccotta14 Mar 2018 14 Mar, 201814 Mar, 2018 Students in the Boston area marched on the streets to bring awareness to recent calls for gun control despite closures at many schools in the area due to a snowstorm. VIDEO: Students marching in Boston from Park Street ... Read More

Celebrities Praise Students’ Walkout for Gun Control: ‘This Is Only the Beginning’

Celebrities took to Twitter to applaud as students walked out of school all across the country on Wednesday in support of stricter gun control laws. The walk-out is a precursor to the student march for gun control scheduled for ten days from now. Comedian Rosie O’Donnell, Will & Grace star Debra Messing, Star ... Read More

Amazon recalls fire-risk power packs in UK, Europe and US

Image copyright Amazon Image caption The power packs feature the AmazonBasics brand Owners of Amazon's own-brand power bank chargers have been contacted by the firm telling them to stop using them.A recall covering six models of the AmazonBasics-branded product was announced in the US and Canada on Tuesday.A notice posted ... Read More

The Morning After: Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018)

Pictured on a Zero Gravity Corp 'vomit comet' trip in 2007.Stephen Hawking passes away at age 76 The famed physicist and cosmologist was diagnosed with motor neurone disease 55 years ago, and at the time, doctors predicted he had two years to live. Fortunately that was not the case, and ... Read More

Gallup: 61% of College Students Says Campus Climate Deters Conservative Speech

Nancy Wiechec/Reuters by Tom Ciccotta13 Mar 2018 13 Mar, 201813 Mar, 2018 A new poll from Gallup reveals that an increasing number of students believe that conservative speech is deterred on college campuses. According to a recently published Gallup poll, an increasing number of both conservative and liberal students think ... Read More

NYU Professor: ‘Too Much Power’ in Hands of 4 Major Tech Companies — ‘At Some Point Referees Need to Step in, Throw a Yellow Flag’

by Jeff Poor13 Mar 2018 13 Mar, 201813 Mar, 2018 Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway followed up on his Esquire magazine piece calling on the break-up of the four major tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Galloway explained to host Tucker ... Read More

NYU Professor: ‘Too Much Power’ in Hands of 4 Major Tech Companies — ‘At Some Point Referees Need to Step in, Throw a Yellow Flag’

by Jeff Poor13 Mar 2018 13 Mar, 201813 Mar, 2018 Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway followed up on his Esquire magazine piece calling on the break-up of the four major tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Galloway explained to host Tucker ... Read More

Spring Statement: Chancellor threatens new tech tax

Image copyright Reuters Chancellor Phillip Hammond has called for a deeper look at how tech giants such as Google and Facebook are taxed.Mr Hammond said there was a need to consider interim measures, such as taxing revenues, rather than profits. He first addressed the topic in the Autumn Budget, amid ... Read More

Ear-worn thermometer makes it easier to care for sick kids

It's why so many companies have been looking for noninvasive ways to monitor a rugrat's vital signs. The latest to try is Cosinuss, the fitness monitoring company, that has built an ear-worn thermometer. The device, called Degree, looks more like a hearing aid than a thermometer, but uses the same ... Read More

Oura’s second-generation ring is a better fit for your finger

Much like rival Motiv, the new Oura ring looks more like a reject from the Diesel catalog than a sophisticated activity tracker. The company has been able to utilize smaller, more customized components to get the new, ring-like shape. Even better, is that the battery now runs for seven days, ... Read More