Ubisoft’s AI-powered gaming assistant is now available

Sam uses Google's Dialogflow system to answer all your questions about Ubisoft games and services. It will follow your progress in Ubisoft games and send you real-time stats and tips, which might be useful if you are a huge Rainbow Six: Siege or For Honor player, for example. One of ... Read More

‘Battlefield V’ returns to WWII with ever-evolving multiplayer

DICE says it wants to "challenge preconceptions of the second world war" with Battlefield V (which is word-for-word what the studio said it wanted to achieve Battlefield 1 with the first world war). That means moving away from recycled, albeit legendary events like the Normandy landings and putting players in ... Read More

Uber ends Arizona driverless car programme

Image copyright Reuters Image caption National Transportation Safety Board investigators have examined the vehicle involved in the crash Uber has pulled the plug on its self-driving car operation in Arizona two months after a pedestrian was killed in an accident involving one of its cars.However, the ride-hailing company said it ... Read More

Italy to auction 5G frequencies by end-September

MILAN (Reuters) - Italy’s communications regulator AGCOM said on Wednesday the government would auction frequencies for fifth-generation mobile services in September, in a move it expects to raise at least 2.5 billion euros ($2.9 billion) for state coffers. The watchdog, which set out the rules governing the auction, said half ... Read More

Judge Rules President Donald Trump Cannot Block Twitter Trolls

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that President Donald Trump cannot block the accounts of his persistent Twitter critics, arguing that those individuals have a First Amendment right to view and interact with the @realdonaldtrump account using their profiles. In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Naomi Buchwald wrote: “The viewpoint-based exclusion of the ... Read More

Steam store school-shooting game ‘appalling’

Image copyright Steam A "school-shooting simulator" video game has been described as "appalling" by an anti-gun violence charity.According to its listing on the Steam video game store, the software lets players "slaughter as many civilians as possible" in a school environment.Charity Infer Trust called on Valve - the company behind ... Read More

Next Xbox One update finally saves multiple WiFi passwords

The June update will also deal with a major shortcoming the Xbox One and PS4 have had in comparison to Nintendo's Switch: the ability to save settings for more than one WiFi network at a time. Since launch, moving either system from one wireless setup to another has meant erasing ... Read More

The Morning After: Netflix teams up with Ryan Reynolds

The first dual-camera phone from HTC since the One M8.HTC U12+ revealed There aren't any major surprises or innovations in HTC's flagship U12+ -- just the upgrades you'd expect. While it retains the 3D liquid glass design seen on the U11+, changes include a six-inch Quad HD+ (2,880 x 1,440) ... Read More

Meet the speakers at The Europas, and get your ticket free (July 3, London)

Excited to announce that this year’s The Europas Unconference & Awards is shaping up! Our half day Unconference kicks off on 3 July, 2018 at The Brewery in the heart of London’s “Tech City” area, followed by our startup awards dinner and fantastic party and celebration of European startups! The ... Read More

Could smartphones replace bank branches?

Image copyright Getty Images Banks now send more than 16 text alerts every second in an indication of how much we now rely on smartphones rather than computers to manage our money.Some 512 million alerts were sent last year telling people their salary had been paid in or that they ... Read More

Former Uber engineer sues for sexual harassment

Image copyright Carl Court / Getty Images Image caption Uber is being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee A former Uber engineer is suing the firm for sexual harassment days after it changed its policy allowing employees to take it to court. Ex-employee Ingrid Avendano claims to have ... Read More

Dropbox’s mobile apps make it easier to find, track and share your files

The first change is the addition of file activity -- this basically lets you see everyone who has viewed, edited or shared files from your Dropbox. If anyone has shared your file, it'll also show exactly who it went to. This info already exists in the web version of Dropbox, ... Read More

The Ford Fusion Energi hybrid is great but going away

The odd thing about the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid sedan is that it would be perfect for a world where cars are no longer purchased and instead are used by ride-hailing services. The comfortable interior has seating for five. Its hybrid drivetrain won't win the car any medals or ... Read More

Jim Carrey Feeds Republicans Sh*t Sandwiches in Latest Artwork

Actor Jim Carrey shared his latest piece of politically motivated artwork on Tuesday, this time depicting Republicans eating sandwiches filled with President Donald Trump’s excrement. The artwork appears to show Sens. Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and California Congressman Devin Nunes eating excrement sandwiches handed to them by a secret service agent ... Read More

Hammond to pledge superfast broadband for most homes

Image copyright Thinkstock The Chancellor is to promise a major expansion of Britain's superfast broadband network in a bid to boost the post-Brexit economy. In a speech at the annual CBI dinner later, Philip Hammond will pledge to make "full-fibre" connections available to most homes and businesses by 2025.He will ... Read More

Google search reveals names of rape victims

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Google removes predictions which are sexually explicit, hateful, violent or dangerous Google's auto-complete and related search functions are revealing the identity of rape victims who have been granted anonymity.The issue was discovered in a Times newspaper investigation of several prominent sexual assault cases.Searches for ... Read More

The Morning After: ‘The Expanse’ may live again

Within a protomolecule of closing the deal.Amazon is in talks to resurrect 'The Expanse' Sources talking to Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have all claimed that Amazon is in discussions to resurrect The Expanse for a fourth season after it was canceled by Syfy. If you can think it, ... Read More

RED is building an 8K 3D camera for its holographic phone

The new camera will use RED's hardware and camera design chops, and carry the same look as other RED models, Lucid notes. At the same time it will pack Lucid's real-time 3D Fusion tech to stitch the images together into files compatible with the Hydrogen One. The smartphone can be ... Read More

F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation

Image copyright Israel Defense Forces Image caption Israel has ordered 50 F-35s The US-made F-35 stealth fighter has seen its first ever combat action, flying in an operation for the Israeli air force.The air force chief showed an image of jets over Beirut, Lebanon, and said the planes had "already ... Read More

Children’s phone data exposed on cloud server

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Teensafe app monitors calls, texts and web browsing The Apple and Android IDs of more than 10,000 children were left unprotected on Amazon cloud servers for months, reports ZDNet.The data was found on one server run by Teensafe, which makes an app parents ... Read More

Inside the animal internet

The breadth of digital animal research today is huge. Researchers glue tiny barcodes on ants to demystify what life is like within colonies. They receive text messages when great white sharks approach beaches or when elephants move in patterns that suggest poachers are near. Using tagged whales as environmental sensors, ... Read More

Sonos bundles offer audio options for home theater, vinyl and more

There are several speaker sets on offer. One deal offers two Sonos One speakers for $379, three of them for $549 and four Ones for $729. You can get two Play:5 speakers for $899, and a Playbar (or a Playbase) with two Sonos Ones for $999. There are home theater ... Read More

Dr. Robert Epstein Releases Details on Project to Tame Masters of the Universe

As the tech giants face growing scrutiny over their unregulated political power – including the power to swing elections – they have assured both congress and the public that they have no plans to abuse that power, and will commit to greater transparency in order to do so. That’s to ... Read More

Masters of the Universe: Google Officially Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Motto from Code of Conduct

Tech giant Google has officially removed the long-time company motto of “Don’t be evil” from its code of conduct. For years Google’s unofficial company motto was “Don’t be evil,” but according to the company’s updated code of conduct, that is no longer their mantra. According to Gizmodo, Google removed the ... Read More

Greenwich University fined £120,000 for data breach

Image copyright University of Greenwich The University of Greenwich has been fined £120,000 ($160,000) by the Information Commissioner.The fine was for a security breach in which the personal data of 19,500 students was placed online.The data included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, signatures and - in some cases ... Read More

U-turn over Facebook chief’s EU meeting

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Zuckerberg previously answered two days of questions from US lawmakers In a change of plan, the public will be able to watch Mark Zuckerberg's response to European Parliament leaders' privacy concerns.The body's president, Antonio Tajani, has tweeted that tomorrow's 75-minute meeting would be ... Read More

Roper Technologies to buy software firm PowerPlan for $1.1 billion

(Reuters) - IT services provider Roper Technologies Inc said on Monday it would buy software company PowerPlan for $1.1 billion in an all-cash deal from private equity firm Thoma Bravo. This is Roper’s second billion-dollar deal with the private equity firm. In 2016, it bought business software firm Deltek for ... Read More

Apple Powerbeats headphones in ‘sweat-proof’ legal action

Image copyright BeatsbyDre Image caption The Powerbeats headphones' advertising showed images of people using them while working up a sweat A US judge has ruled legal action against Apple over its Powerbeats headphones can go ahead "in part".Seven customers, from various US cities, say the headphones do not hold their ... Read More

The Morning After: Our verdict on the OnePlus 6

The reasonably priced powerhouse now comes in an elegant package.OnePlus 6 review: a big step closer to the perfect smartphone The OnePlus 6 is a refreshing glass-based design change for the phone series. Not only does the phone pack the latest flagship processor and up to a whopping 8GB of ... Read More

Facebook and Qualcomm are bringing super-fast WiFi to cities

Facebook and Qualcomm's tech is base on the 802.11ay WLAN standard, which uses the 60Ghz frequency and offers transmission rates up to 20-40 Gbps over 300-500 meter distances. However, Qualcomm and Facebook have tweaked it with enhancements like massive antenna arrays, channel bonding, time synchronized nodes and TDMA protocols. That ... Read More

After Math: Rise of the robot albatrosses

3-meter wingspan: While the rest of you were flipping out because Boston Dynamics taught a quadrupedal robot to open doors, MIT was over here quietly designing robots to take over our oceans. Behold, whatever the heck this thing is. It's an autonomous glider, capable of riding updrafts for miles upon ... Read More

The best home security system

After spending more than 40 hours researching and two months testing 12 monitored home security systems, we found SimpliSafe to be the best self-installed option for most people. SimpliSafe gives you the benefits of a 24/7-monitored security system without locking you into a long-term contract, and it's affordable, reliable, and ... Read More

Smart SoPhy socks send data to your physiotherapist

These smart internet-connected SoPhy socks could enable you to be treated by a doctor or physiotherapist anywhere in the world.They have three sensors reading weight distribution, movement and orientation of the foot.The system visualises data for both patient and doctor to help with assessment and treatment.BBC Click finds out more.See ... Read More

Google Duo can share your Android phone’s screen

Unfortunately, the feature still seems pretty buggy and wouldn't work properly when I tried it out. All the person I was calling could see was a gray frame instead of my screen -- in Android Police's case, though, the recipient only saw a frozen image of the caller's display. Screensharing ... Read More

Robot helps patients put on hospital gown and other news

BBC Click's Emily Bates looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week including:Microsoft announces an Xbox Adaptive Controller designed specifically for disabled gamers Boston Dynamics shows off its humanoid Atlas robot running Georgia Institute of Technology reveals a robot designed to help patients put on hospital ... Read More

Tomorrow’s cities: Park with four seasons under one roof

Image copyright Carlo Ratti Associati Image caption Winter, spring, summer or autumn? Take your pick in Milan's Four Seasons garden Everyone has a favourite season but if you visited Milan last month, you could have experienced all four in one place.The brainchild of Italian architect Carlo Ratti, the garden used ... Read More

NASA’s planet-hunting TESS spacecraft snaps its first photo

Despite the number of stars in the photo, it represents just a tiny part of what TESS can keep its eyes on -- the spacecraft can cover over 400 times as much sky as what's shown in the picture. It's expected not just to find thousands more previously undiscovered exoplanets, ... Read More

The apps designed to help mental health

[unable to retrieve full-text content] ... Read More

Expensive remittances

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Migrants send more than $600bn to their families back home each year Technology has made it easier and cheaper to send money home to relatives round the world. But what if you don't trust your Dad not to squander it? No problem - now ... Read More