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    And it’s required to allow manufacturers to use Android forks.Google fined $5.04 billion for forcing its apps onto Android phones

    The EU Commission wrote: “In accordance with the Commission’s 2006 Guidelines … the fine has been calculated on the basis of the value of Google’s revenue from search advertising services on Android devices in the EEA [European Economic Area]. The Commission decision requires Google to bring its illegal conduct to an end in an effective manner within 90 days of the decision.” Google plans to appeal the decision.

    Confused about how all this works? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

    Without breaking anything.How ‘Mission: Impossible’ made the leap to 4K and HDR

    To prime audiences for the next film, Fallout, Paramount re-released the entire Mission: Impossible series on 4K Blu-ray last month. The new discs are not only a huge upgrade for cinephiles but also a fascinating glimpse at how studios can revive older films for the 4K/HDR era.

    Will this be enough?Apple’s MacBook eGPU is a step toward winning back creative pros

    Many see the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar as a dumb consumer gimmick, and worse, Apple’s top-end laptops have failed to keep pace technologically with powerful, well-designed PCs from Microsoft, Dell and others. But this $700 eGPU is a strong sign that Apple hasn’t given up on the creators that are most passionate about its products.

    Here we go.You can legally download 3D-printed gun designs next month

    Starting August 1st, it will be legal to download the schematics for a 3D-printed gun in the US.

    With a few upgrades.Terrafugia’s first flying car should finally go on sale in 2019

    The company has announced that the first production models of the Transition will go on sale sometime in 2019.

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