The Morning After: The boring reality of the flux capacitor

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    The company’s games have correctly predicted several major sporting events.
    EA Sports has already picked the winner of this year’s World Cup

    EA, with one eye on an attention-grabbing headline, has predicted which nation will win this year’s World Cup — and it’s not Earth shattering. According to EA Sports, the eventual winners will be France, who will face Germany in a final that will be decided on penalties. However the games maker comes to these conclusions, it’s guessed results right in the past.

    More quantum computing than time travel.

    Scientists ruin the flux capacitor by building a real-life one

    The device is a new type of electronic circulator which can control the directional movement of microwave signals. The scientists, who published their research in Physical Review Letters, have proposed two potential circuits, with one of them borrowing the design of the three-pointed flux capacitor Doc Brown and Marty McFly used to travel through time. In fiction.

    Up to six members can use it, and you can try it free for 60 days.
    Pandora unveils a $15-a-month unlimited family plan

    The streaming business is a tough game. Mid-tier player Pandora recently announced it had signed up six million subscribers so far compared to 75 million for Spotify, but it’s trying to boost that number with a new Premium Family plan, with unlimited streaming with no ads for up to six family members at $15 per month. That would put it right alongside Apple and Spotify’s pricing.

    The Big Picture.
    Plasticine circuits show how today’s tech is tomorrow’s art

    Making electronics crude again with plasticine.

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