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    The iPhone X is almost here.Apple denies reports that it altered Face ID specs

    Pre-orders for the iPhone X open up Friday morning at 3 AM ET, but according to rumors, the supply for Apple’s premium phone will be tight. Bloomberg reports from the factory saying that the company relaxed specs for Face ID to help boost production — a claim that Apple quickly denied as “completely false.” Whatever the truth is, that OLED-screened iPhone is almost here, and it will probably be difficult to get — at least at first.

    That’s it.Microsoft ceases production of the Kinect

    In interviews with Co.Design, Microsoft revealed that manufacturing for its Kinect sensors has ceased. While retailers will continue to sell off stock, that’s the end for the device that launched as an accessory for the Xbox 360 and moved a reported 35 million units. Despite later launching as a pack-in with the Xbox One, support and popularity have dwindled, and Microsoft’s attention has moved on to platforms like Windows Mixed Reality. Meanwhile, PrimeSense — the company responsible for tech used in the original Kinect — was acquired by Apple, where it’s being used to make FaceID work.

    Oreo update.Android 8.1 preview unlocks your Pixel 2 camera’s AI potential

    We’ve barely gotten a taste of Android 8.0, but Google is already working on the next edition. The feature we’re most excited about? Pixel Visual Core support for third-party apps, which will let any camera app use the phone’s AI chip for stuff like HDR+ photography.

    How much do you trust your courier?Amazon Key opens your home for indoor deliveries

    Amazon’s latest innovation for Prime members is a little different. The Key service uses an Amazon security camera and approved Smart Lock to let delivery people and other service providers into your home even when you’re not around. The camera records their entry and exit, while to gain entry they’ll use, when necessary, apps on their phone, which can be tied to something like the barcode on a package. We don’t see how this could go wrong.

    Canto means ‘I sing.’Nissan’s EVs will swap engine noises for a ‘song’

    DoT rules say that EVs and hybrids need to make noise to alert pedestrians, and Nissan has come up with an interesting solution — take a listen.

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