This flag map of Europe is a thing of beauty

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    Here at indy100 we love our flags.

    We made a flag map of Europe, so you can tell we’re not just throwing that about.

    We’ve made quiz after quiz.

    However, someone’s gone and bettered us in flag nerddom.

    Recently a reddit user called Drac-Henry submitted a flag map of some European, African and Middle Eastern Capitals to a popular mapping subreddit.

    It’s very pretty, and a cool way of visualising the differences.

    Flag map of European capital cities [2096 x 1510] [OC] from MapPorn

    People pointed out Copenhagen was a bit off – it has no official city flag.

    It does, however, have a coat of arms.


    So we understand the reason for leaving it blank.

    People also drew issue with the capitals of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales not being represented.

    Here’s also, for good measure, the flag of Belfast:

    Picture: Wikimedia Commons


    The flag of Edinburgh:

    Picture: Wikimedia Commons

    And the flag of Cardiff:

    Picture: Wikimedia Commons

    There was also a point to make about the flag of London in the original post on the purest subreddit in the world, Vexillology:

    Here’s the flag of Greater London:

    Picture: Wikimedia Commons

    Here’s the City of London:

    Picture: Wikimedia Commons

    The more you know.

    View the original article:

    More: The beautiful flag map that will change the way you look at Europe

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