This is what happens when 100 Americans try to speak like the British

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    Humans have existed on this planet for roughly 200,000 years and after all that time we’ve never really got over the fact that some of us talk differently. 

    Unfortunately, a lot of the time, these difference are highlighted negatively – as xenophobia and racism continue to divide people in countries around the world. 

    Fortunately, there are still plenty of times our differences are celebrated and some much needed humour occurs. 

    This is one of those videos.

    100 Americans were gathered by Cut to try our their best British accents on camera – and the results were pretty spectacular. 

    Lots of people used choice ‘British’ phrases in order to get better into character. These included: 

    It’s raining again.

    Blooming ‘eck.



    Would you like to have a cup of tea?

    Seriously. Tea was mentioned a lot. 

    This woman’s London accent is amazing though. If this was a competition she won.


    There was also a lot of swearing. Apparently we say the ‘C-word’ quite a bit. 

    One thing is certain though, there were a lot of creative facial expressions while attempting the accent. 


    Watch the whole video here:

    Jolly good show.

    View the original article:

    More: The sexist accents in Europe have been revealed 

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