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    NASA’s deep space Hubble Telescope has made a new stunning picture, capturing thousands of galaxies in a single shot that would make one looking at it feel really tiny.

    One of the most detailed possible pictures of the universe features an unbelievable 15,000 galaxies, the NASA team behind the telescope said.

    Hubble used its ultraviolet sight and joined forces with other space and ground-based telescopes to gather data for the impressive image.

    The ultraviolet light helps scientists travel back in time as it “opens a new window on the evolving, tracking the birth of stars over the last 11 billion years back to the cosmos; busiest star boring period, about 3 billion years after the Big Bang,” NASA said.

    At least 12,000 of the bright star clusters in the picture were caught in the early days of their existence, providing nearly unlimited grounds for exploration.

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    The image not only underlined the evolving nature of space, but showed how small the Earth really is compared to the universe as, according to NASA, “each visible speck of a galaxy [in the photo] is home to countless stars.”

    After being launched into the low-Earth orbit in 1990, the Hubble has provided the researchers with 1.3 million observations of the cosmos. With 15,000 scientific papers being based on its data so far, the telescope has become one of the most productive scientific tools ever created.

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