What Is Your Instagram Color Palette?

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    Finally, an answer to the banal question, “If you were a color, what would you be?”

    ColorKuler invites Instagram users to find your personal color palette.

    Just enter your username, press the arrow, and voila: My chromaticity is silver. (Or dark olive green, depending on when you ask.)

    The site is not super consistent, it seems.

    Using the “editor’s picks” listen on the homepage, I managed to get different results for all four: Pantone, listed as light steel blue, became gainsboro (a shade of gray); Adobe’s light pink turned slate gray; and VSCO went from a dark gray to a dark slate gray. Behance, meanwhile, transformed from dim gray to simply “gray.”

    Notice a pattern?

    My result (via ColorKuler)

    The same ashy hues appeared when testing a number of accounts I follow, many of which regularly produce images with a range of bright saturations.

    ColorKuler (a blatant rip-off of Adobe’s Kuler color combination app) works by searching Instagram’s API for the username. And, as described in an email from creators Mucahit Tutuncu and Imren Karyagdi, the site analyzes the user’s 16 most recent Instagram photos and extracts a color palette for each one. An algorithm them chooses the most-used shade to generate a distinct pigmentation.

    “Color psychology is a well-known, yet less explored branch of the study of how our brain perceives what it visualizes,” the ColorKuler site said. “As far as scientific research goes, there is not much to work with.

    “However, the impact that colors have on our brains is used to manipulate our decision-making by multiple facets of society,” it added.

    To find out what your presented palette means, visit the “Meaning of Colors” tab, where you can learn about red, orange, yellow, green, white, and black—but have to make an educated guess about everything in between.

    Keep in mind: The service does not work on private or empty accounts.

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