Williams: Hollywood Confirmed Its Role as Voice of ‘Anti-America’

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    Some of the biggest names in Hollywood gathered at the 72nd Tony Awards on Sunday night to join actor Robert De Niro in trashing President Donald Trump.

    Among the A-List celebrities who goaded De Niro on with an enthusiastic standing ovation for his “Fuck Trump” tirade were John Leguizamo, Harry Hadden Paton, and Rebecca Night.

    Actor Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame took to Twitter, praising Dirty Grandpa for giving “people what they want” and suggesting he earned his standing ovation by being a “crowd pleaser.”

    Kathy Griffin soon joined in, declaring herself a member of the “Fuck Trump Club.”

    Hailed by mainstream news outlets as a “brutal takedown of the president,” De Niro’s adolescent tantrum confirmed Hollywood’s absolute disconnect from the American heartland, lost in its self-made bubble of anti-Trump hysteria.

    The ironies of the situation were not lost on rational observers, who noted that the outlets that praised De Niro’s “bravery” are the same ones that rend their garments on a daily basis over the president’s blunt comments.

    Always claiming moral high ground, the media demonized “brash” Trump for his 2005 “locker room talk” yet found De Niro’s schoolyard insults of the president worthy of thoughtful consideration as political commentary.

    CNN, which vilified Trump supporters for their “lock her up” chants during the 2016 campaign cycle, suddenly embraced unimaginative vulgarity as if it were an important new literary genre.

    De Niro’s rant and the celebrities’ fawning reaction embody everything the Hollywood elites claim to abhor yet were held up by the mainstream media, such as the Australian feed, as a proper and even moral statement of resistance.

    The ironies continued as just two days after this berating, Trump made history by meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and getting him to agree to “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

    While still inconclusive, the unprecedented move toward peace has been likened to President Richard Nixon’s historic 1972 visit to communist China.

    What Hollywood elites and the leftist culture they represent fail to realize is that their puerile behavior serves one purpose only: it galvanizes Americans in their anti-establishment convictions by showing the world where the true enemy lies.

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